Importance of Good Lighting in Your Interiors

Lighting is often an understated element in your interiors. However, in reality, it plays a significant role in enhancing the look and feel of your space. In fact, without adequate lighting in place, it’s impossible to achieve the desired outcome from your interiors. From function to decoration, lighting contributes significantly to your residential or commercial area.

Below we discuss some ways in which good lighting can add to your interiors.

●  Facilitates Better Function

Lighting increases the functionality of your home and office. A dark and dingy space can lead to falls and injuries. Moreover, a room without enough lighting may make it difficult to perform even regular tasks. This is where the importance of lighting is recognised.

In terms of functionality, lighting can be divided into three parts — task, ambient and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is general background lighting used to illuminate areas and ensure that one can comfortably walk around the space. Such ambient lighting includes chandeliers, designer pendant lights, track lights and more such options.

wholesale lighting

Task lighting, as the name suggests, is decided as per activities. For example, we need task lights in the kitchen and bathroom to help you see clearly when cooking or washing up. Task lighting is also used over stairs to ensure complete safe visibility. These include downlights, table lamps, desk lamps and certain pendant lights.

Accent lighting is commonly used to highlight the architectural features and unique elements of your establishment. These enhance the decorative value of your interiors. We often use wall lighting, track lighting, and spotlights for this purpose.

Nonetheless, while installing lighting fixtures for functionality, one needs to ensure that harmony is maintained. Too much of anything can offset your interiors.

●  Sets the Mood and Ambience

Lighting is not only used for functional purposes. A balanced approach can have a major impact on how you feel. But for this, a lighting plan needs to be put in place to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

pendant lights online
pendant lights online

Install lighting that inspires interaction and engagement if you want to create a welcoming ambience in your home living area or office lounge area. Dimmers that can make the space romantic or energetic are a great addition to dining areas. Meanwhile, low lights in the bedroom and bright lights over office desks also affect your psyche.

Lighting can set the ambience as you desire it to be. However, there is a need for pre-planning. Apart from indoor ambient planning, you may also need an outdoor lighting plan. Enough exterior lighting will attract attention towards your establishment and prevent injuries when people enter your space. It could also be designed in such a way as to provide a preview of the indoor ambience and set the right expectations for your interiors.

●  Enhances Decorative Value

In addition to illuminating spaces, lighting can act as an attractive force by itself. Designer lighting in Australia can ensure that your home or workspace is made more beautiful.

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Lighting fixtures can also endow a harmonious effect and make the little things pop out. Fixtures that complement your furniture and interior design can create a soothing effect for your guests and visitors. Besides, certain types of lighting help to highlight the luxurious fabric of your sofas, your antique rug, a valuable painting, design colours and other features that can elevate the value of your interior space. All these things will, in return, enhance the decorative value and form of the place you light up.

In all the above ways, lighting can prove majorly crucial for your interiors. Therefore, selecting the right lighting fixtures is essential. Don’t go looking around everywhere. By Living is the ultimate online lighting store in Melbourne that offers the best quality lighting elements.

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The Importance of Good Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting may seem the least important when it comes to home decor. However, in reality it is probably more important than living room or bedroom lights. This is due to the fact that a lot of your time is spent in the washroom. Hence, you need it to be well lit up for a variety of reasons. This is not just limited to creating attractive interiors but also to better concentration and efficiency when it comes to performing various tasks.

pendant lights australia.

Some of the reasons why bathroom lighting is a super important part of your home decor are mentioned below.

  • Avoiding Accidents 

There are too many accidents that take place in the washroom. This includes major slips and falls that can lead to intense injuries. Apart from this, washroom accidents also consist of shaving cuts, run-ins into walls or mirrors, stepping on sharp instruments or edges and so on. When your bathroom is dark, the probability of such accidents increases. Therefore, proper lighting plays a very important role in making your washroom safe and keeping you away from injuries. This is one of the prime reasons why a well lit up bathroom should be a major focus when planning your interiors.

pendant lights australia.

  • Better Task Performance 

Another significant reason to install enough lighting in your bathroom is to be able to perform daily tasks better. Things like shaving, applying makeup, washing face and more require extra precision. Therefore, you need enough task lighting that enables you to perform these effectively and efficiently. Nonetheless, you also need to make sure that the lighting is installed at the right angles so that unneeded shadows are eliminated. One tip for this would be to avoid installing lights over your mirror, such that the light falls unevenly over your face, accentuating unneeded shadows. This makes performing daily tasks extremely cumbersome. 

pendant lights australia.

  • Ambient Interiors

Your bathroom is the first and the last place you see in your daily routine. For this very reason, you need the lights to have the right temperature bulbs. You also need to feel like your bathroom is a welcoming space. Therefore, soft ambient lighting that isn’t too bright or too dull is a major requirement in any bathroom. Designer pendant lighting and wall lamps can help achieve such an ambience. This will ultimately help you relax and unwind in your washroom. When you have just woken up, this light will not be too harsh on your eyes, leading to you feeling good and fresh right when you start the day. 

pendant lights

  • Aesthetic Value

Certain lights such as modern pendant lights in Australia have an aesthetic value of their own. These are decorative pieces that take the overall appearance of your bathroom to the next level. Retro wall lamps, mini mediterranian chandeliers, small pendant lighting and more add a distinct charm to your washroom. Often these lights can be used to reinstate the overall theme of your interiors. Nevertheless, to make sure that your bathroom looks decorative, it is always better to research what goes with your fittings and the general shape of the room. This would give your interiors the right touch and make the space look more beautiful. When it comes to the vanity space in your washroom, it is necessary to ensure that it makes the guest look beautiful and feels inviting. Your bathroom space will thereby be in line with your other interiors.

  •  Illuminating Accent Pieces

There are certain fittings that are unique on their own. This includes uniquely shaped basins, wall murals, your vanity space, bouquet of flowers near the mirror, your luxury bath products and so on. These need to be illuminated in a way that they stand out and are clearly highlighted. Therefore, it is necessary to install lights in places that highlight all these accent pieces. This will make your bathroom space more enticing by focusing on all the elements that make your washroom different and personal. Recessed lighting and small spotlights that aren’t attention grabbing all by themselves can help with better accent lighting in the washroom. You can show off the features of your bathroom that give it a decorative value while bringing out the individuality of the homeowner.


Interesting Bathroom Lighting Tips

There are a number of tips that can make your bathroom lighting effective, decorative as well as efficient. Some of these are as follows:

  • Overhead lighting over bathtubs or showers, enabling you to read while in the bath.
  • Install dimmers in order to save power and change ambience when needed.
  • Lights on sides of the mirror to make sure that all of your face is properly illuminated sans shadows.
  • Make your bathroom interiors more elegant by using the most decorative pendant lights and chandeliers.
  • Lights with metal finishes give your washroom a polished, sophisticated and timeless finish.
  • Effective recessed and floor lighting can help stay away from falls.

Taking care of all the above can ensure that your bathroom lighting is perfect. You can avoid accidents, ensure that tasks are done effortlessly and that the space looks beautiful as well.

By Living is a lighting store in Australia that provides a range of lighting supplies to make your washroom stand out. Browse our collection and select the pieces of your liking. Call us for wholesale enquiries.

A Guide to Effective Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is important in any home or commercial setting. However, it is a myth that only indoor lighting is essential. Outdoor lighting is just as significant. In fact, just like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting can also be classified as task, accent and ambient lighting.

Outdoor lighting has many more functional than decorative purposes. It is used to make your home and office premises safe, secure and navigable. Moreover, when it comes to its more decorative functions, it is used to highlight your landscape and make your property look beautiful inside out. Some of the ways in which outdoor lighting can be used for different purposes are defined below.

  • Safety and Security

One form of outdoor task lighting is illumination for safety and security. This is one of the most essential requirements when it comes to any property. Good lighting can help you keep check on the entire perimeter from inside your home or office. This also enhances the performance of security cameras and acts as a psychological deterrent to criminals. Therefore, it is necessary to envision lighting for this purpose. An effective way to do this is via motion detector lights installed at entry points. Overhead lighting near camera points can also help greatly. Apart from this, flush lights, wall lanterns and bulkhead lights can help illuminate your property perimeters properly.

Clear Pendants

  • Navigational Guidance

When it comes to making your home or office safe, you need to make sure that falls and injuries are avoided. For this, proper navigation is a major need. In order to enable this, it is necessary to light up your pathways and stairs in a way where these help guide people into your workplace or home safely. For this, under the stairs lighting that highlights each step or under lighting along the steps such that these highlight the trenches is beneficial. You can also install floor lights along the pathways to avoid tripping over your way to the main door. Proper flood lights with motion detectors can also assist while saving energy. Additionally, LEDs are a great choice for outdoor navigational lighting.

  • Landscaping

There is a lot of money people spend on landscaping around their properties. Highlighting this during the dark is therefore of much importance. It gives you a bang on your buck and makes your outdoors look and feel beautiful. Certain underlights can help highlight features such as tall and exquisite trees, plants and more. Overhead lighting in the form of hung up globes can also help highlight bushes and flowers. Both these lights also help play with shadows. Another way to highlight unique landscaping features is by illuminating with string lights all around. However, it is important to make sure that they are not very bright or too dim. Wall sconces that focus an object’s shadow over the wall can also enhance your landscape.

Timber Circular Concrete Pendant

  • Decorative Features

Certain architectural features are installed in your outdoors to make them look more attractive. This includes gazebos, fountains, art installations, status and more. The main purpose of these is to stand out and garner attention. Hence, if they are not lit up properly, the money you spend on these can become a complete waste. To avoid a situation like this illuminating your outdoors is essential. One way to do this is by installing floor lights that face upwards to light up gazebos and statues. This gives these pieces a magnificent definition and makes them look elegant while standing out. Apart from this, wall lights focussing on the object you desire to highlight can also help greatly. Certain ambient lights can also be installed to create a unique outdoor experience. Modern pendant lights inside gazebos also work like a charm and help make these more visible no matter the darkness. Meanwhile, decorative lighting also acts as an attractive decoration on its own. These give your home or office a subtle glam. Such decorative lighting includes string lights, sequence pendants, designer wall and floor lighting, lamps and so on.

  • Lifestyle Enhancement

An outdoor lifestyle is luxurious on its own. It allows you to relax in the fresh air and soak in the beauty of nature. Some of these lifestyle elements include swimming pools, decks, patios, outdoor living room or kitchen and such. These need to be lit up well so that you can enjoy these amenities even at night time. This not only enhances your lifestyle but also makes sure that your designer outdoors are visible to passersby. Chandeliers are a classic lighting feature that add elegance to your patio or outdoor living space. Lanterns, globe and geometrical pendant lighting as well as subtle yet creative wall lights are all perfect for your patio and deck. In order to make your pool light up even at night, waterproof LEDs can be installed inside the water and floor lights can be put up around the parameters. All this will create a luxurious outdoor experience.

Kaleido Cluster Concrete Pendant

All these lighting tips can help you make your outdoors extremely attractive, no matter the time of day. These will therefore give you a bang for your buck and make your property stand out uniquely.

If you are looking for outdoor lighting, By Living is the best. We are the ultimate providers of modern pendant lighting in Australia. Our pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lights and more help create an incomparable ambience. Additionally, these are also functional and available for the most affordable prices. Browse our range for commercial and residential outdoor lights and enquire for your favourite pieces now.

10 Most Effective Living Room Lighting Ideas

Your living room is the first thing that everyone notices about your home interiors. Therefore, your furniture needs to really stand out here. However, with a change in trends, the kind of lighting fixtures used to glow up the space has also become an important consideration today.

Good lighting is something that can turn an ordinary living room into extraordinary. It helps set the right vibes and make the most social area of your home truly warm and inviting. Given below are a few ideas in which you can effectively light up your living room and make it a masterpiece that everyone admires.

  • Make a Statement

If you want your living room to look mesmerising without being confusing, deciding on a centerpiece source of lighting is necessary. If there are too many centrepieces however, the viewer can get muddled with the focal point. Therefore, supporting the one statement light along with other subtler sources can help lift up your space. Usually, modern pendant lighting can help achieve this. A large geometric pendant light or a chandelier can make a statement like no other. Alternatively, an oversized lamp or structural wall sconce can also make for the perfect statement piece when accompanied by smaller fixtures and pendants.

By Living’s chandelier diamond cage pendant light in Australia is a great example of a living room centerpiece. Another example for a mid-century look is 3 Lindsey Bubble Chandelier having three bulbs covered by black glasses and asymmetrical, gold painted, metal branches.

  • Highlight Corners

Dark corners can lead to instances where certain accent pieces remain invisible in your interiors. Moreover, certain corners when lit up can make for great reading nooks. It is therefore beneficial to highlight these. A table lamp or an overhead fixture can help greatly in doing this and set apart your living room appearance.

Large pendant lights

  • Let Your Accents Stand Out

There are certain elements in your living room, such as potted plants, fireplace, a lovely showpiece and so on, that increase the charm of the space. Such elements are called accents. These need to be brought out in order to make the room interesting and layered. Recessed wall lighting behind decorated shelves, overhead table lamps or pendants over dark corners and candlelights or small table lamps over a fireplace are some things that can help. You can also use fairy lights to light up accent pieces by wrapping them around paintings, spiral structures, walls, tables and more.

  • Focus on the Ambience

The living room ambience is extremely important. It can be romantic and intimate or bright and sociable depending on the mood. Dimmers and light control systems help greatly with customising your living room ambience as per occasion. 

  • Play with Levels and Layers

 When it comes to lighting, take care that every level is lit up. Use modern pendant lighting on ceilings, wall sconces at the eye level, table lamps right below the eye level and lastly floor lights. Apart from this, it is always beneficial to light up your home with layers of different lighting fixtures instead of just one. This adds depth to your living room lighting and keeps your interiors from appearing dark.

  • Make Your Light the Art

Sometimes instead of using paintings on the wall, wall lights can act as masterpieces. Oversized artistic fixtures are quite popular and are both functional and decorative. For example, By Living’s movie wall light is an artistic piece all by itself. A series of these placed asymmetrically on the wall can create an industrial masterpiece like no other.

  • Match Imperfectly

Having an identical pair of lights is not necessary. You can create intricacy by pairing different lighting fixtures that match with the overall design. For example, in case of a contemporary style home with wooden centre table, By Living’s Leather timber table lamp on one side of the sofa can be paired with our popular pendant light in Australia, Vertical timber concrete pendant light on the other side.

pendant lights online
pendant lights online
  • Complement with Daylight

Sometimes your interiors may have large windows or skylights that allow a large inflow of daylight. In this case, using a transparent chandelier  is a great choice as this will reflect the natural light instead of blocking it out. You can thereby maximise your living room space with sun lit furniture.

  • Mix Ancient and Modern Lighting

Another thing you can do to create welcoming living room interiors is mix traditional lighting fixtures with contemporary ones. You can pair a victorian chandelier with modernist table lamps or wall lights. Apart from this you can pair modern pendant lighting with an antique baroque lamp or wall sconce. Pairing contemporary lighting with traditional moroccan lamps is also quite popular.

  • Let Low-hanging Fixtures Take the Spotlight

Low hanging fixtures over the living room table or the dining table is both functional and ambient. It creates an inviting atmosphere by highlighting the food or decorations kept on the table. This makes your living room a social haven. Besides, it also provides task lighting that is needed when you eat or play on these tables.

Concrcete Pendant Light

All the above proves that a mixture of all three, ambient, accent and task lighting is needed in the living room. These are nonetheless just a few ideas and not rules of thumb. You can experiment with lighting depending on the overall look of your living room.

Looking for high-quality, designer lighting fixtures? By Living provides wall lights, table lamps, floor lights, globes and pendant lights in Australia for affordable pieces. Browse our collection and order one right away.

3 Lighting Mistakes To Avoid In Your Restaurant

You picked up a vibrant colour scheme along with selecting an attractive range of designer furniture and creating an urbane interior for your restaurant. But, there’s something amiss.

The interior of your restaurant doesn’t culminate in a welcoming ambience, apparently affecting your business.

Inadequate and poorly arranged lighting plays a prominent (and silent) role in flattening the ambience of your restaurant, thus creating a feeling of discomfort. It can even make the food appear greyish or bluish, and that’s enough to make it repulsive.

The fact is lighting in restaurant matters, a lot!

In this blog, we will share some of the most common (and annoying) lighting mistakes to avoid in your restaurant.

1. The Lesser, The Better!

Installing an exceptional number of fixtures is one of the most common lighting mistakes! It makes your space too bright, turning the ambience harsh; it can make the diners feel like sitting in an interrogation room. The secret to creating a pleasant and calming interior lies in right light placement, wattage and colour temperature.

Clear Pendants

It’s best to figure the right number and spacing of lights depending on the size of your restaurant. Besides, know the lighting specifics like beam spread or lumen output. Clever use of lighting will make the interior is perfectly illuminated, thus creating an intimate and soothing atmosphere to dine in.

2. Right Mood + Pleasant Ambiance

When planning how to light your restaurant, it’s important to remember that these fixtures aren’t there to illuminate the area, but they are there to create the right mood! A blinding fluorescent fixture may not go well with an upscale restaurant.

Wicker Pendants

While figuring out which lighting fixture will create the “right mood”, take into account the food your serve, your interior and it’s colour palette and the dining experience you want to create. If you own a casual pizza place or a cafe, you can pick up the brightest fixture! Remember, adequately set mood can make your restaurant sales shoot up, as the right lights have a soothing and pleasant impact on the diners.

3. Nothing can Replace the Natural Light!

Make the most of (natural) daylight! Nothing can replace the comfort of natural light. They create happier and calmer spaces, and the best part is it’s free! So, it is wise to take full advantage of tall windows, skylights, or doors fitted with glass panels.

Make sure you place the tables and make seating areas by windows – this will allow your diners to enjoy the view. Meanwhile, it is equally essential to understand sun direction and your restaurant’s position. Use window blinds and tints to counteract the harsh glare.

Ready to light up your restaurant? Shop from an inspirational range of lights online from By living. Contact us if you are looking for the latest, an elegant and wholesale lighting fixture for your restaurant!

Hang Pendant Lighting Right For Beautiful Home Decor

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing pendant lights for your home – and filtering the right one can be a challenge!

At By Living, we believe that choosing pendant lights can be emotionally overwhelming, but for best results it is more important to you hang them right!

You will find thousands of images on the internet showing the decorative pendant lights hanging right up close to the ceiling. But, that’s not the right way to hang a pendant light.

pendant lights

We believe that pendant lights are just like decorative jewellery that should make you smile, add a sparkle to your home and be the perfect accessory for your interior decoration.  So, it’s important that You Hang Pendants RIGHT!

How to Hang Them Over Dining Tables

We would recommend hanging the pendants over dining tables at the height of 600mm from the top of the table and 1500 – 1800 mm from the floor.

Hanging the lights at this height makes them a prominently visible. And it creates a cozy atmosphere in your dining space. When you hang the lights too high, they no longer look like an important feature of your room. They seem disconnected and doesn’t add that dramatic impact to your house.

Hanging Pendant Lights in Hallways

Hanging pendant lights in hallways is quite tricky. It needs to be hung at a height where you can save the tall people from the irritating moment of getting knocked with lights.  Make sure, the lowest section of pendants are in line with the top of your door frames. This way the tall people would be saved from the getting knocked by the lights! If you want to bring a dramatic effect or have a large hall where prominent elements are required, then choose something that spreads horizontally and not vertical.

Hanging them Right to Staircase

If you’re looking to add a dramatic impact to your staircase, attach a light fixture at eye level, if you have a large house with a grand staircase. Make sure the fixtures are high enough not to obstruct the movement of people passing under it.

Whether you want to invest in permanent home upgrades or quickly light up a temporary space, hanging the pendant light at the right place will enhance the beauty of your home decor.

Planning to change the interior lighting or upgrade the existing ones? Check out our exclusive and innovative collection of lighting fixtures. We are a lighting wholesaler based in Australia.

Let’s Illuminate Your Home With Modern Pendant Lighting

We have seen or more than likely heard of the term modern pendant lights or ceiling pendants. They’re an extremely popular form of ceiling lighting and are available in a huge range of designs catering for both decorative and functional styles.

In today’s homes, hanging pendant lights are as much a design statement as they are a practical solution and can be found in bedrooms of all sizes.

Let’s take a look at the three main types of pendant lights.


  • Ceiling Pendants
  • Pendant Bar Lights
  • Pendant Clusters

Individual Ceiling Pendants

Ceiling pendants lights is a broad category but it usually means a single hanging light. You will find the lights suspended by a cable, chain or rod. The design varies according to the space and style; But these individual lights are great for functional lighting and look great hung together in groups or rows. At By Living, we have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colour from which you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Pendant Bar Lights

A ceiling pendant bar contains a multi-light pendant lights that has light sources either fixed to or suspended from an elongated or bar like structure. These are great for lighting over long tables, bars and or kitchen islands.

Pendant Clusters

Cluster pendants are ceiling lights that have a single mounting point but house multiple individual pendant lights together. These can vary in style with some opting for a spiralling design, others varying in heights; Some pendant clusters designed to be used with ceiling hooks to suspend and scatter the light sources accordingly. With more light sources ceiling pendant clusters often provide a high light output, they’re also great feature lights and are well suited to dining rooms and long drop stairwells.

We hope this blog helps filter down the type of pendant lights you’re looking for. To simply browse the full range of ceiling pendants, visit our pendant lighting store. We are your one stop online wholesale lighting store in Australia. Shop today.

Why is Concrete Homewares Your New Favorite Interior Design Trend?

Imagine a time when furnishing or enhancing your interior space with concrete was considered as a crazy idea. The impression has always been that anything concrete is unfinished and generally uninspiring, but that has changed now.

If you think concrete is too basic to become an interior design trend, then please read on.

According to interior design trends, one of the 2018 year’s must-have elements in interior design is concrete, a material that you might usually associate with driveways, patios and building foundations. However, this year, concrete is making its way into concrete homewares, lighting and even furniture.

The Concrete Homewares in Interiors: Still Stylish, Still on Trend

With new interior design inspiration comes, new decorating patterns, timeless pieces takes on old styles. As a leading concrete homeware wholesalers in Australia, we have re-inspired the ubiquitous material and made it a versatile and stylish addition to any home; showing that, if you know how to use it, concrete can go from drab and boring, to giving a modern, chic and sleek minimalism that works well for contemporary homes and minimalist homes alike.

Why We Love Concrete Pendant Lighting?

The words ‘concrete’ and ‘lighting’ don’t sound perfect together right? But actually they work very well together. Pendant lighting, in particular, is a brilliant combination of concrete and lights.

Made with using slim, minimalist concrete structures, these lights can hang from your ceiling or your walls, offering excellent ambience and illumination without dominating the space. It’s pleasing to the eye when used correctly, concrete pendant lights capture the attention and bring new inspiration into the home.

At By Living, we have some stunning designer concrete homewares and lighting products that will certainly make you rethink the material. We are your one-stop homeware wholesalers in Australia for all kinds of contemporary and modern products. Shop our lighting products and celebrate the ordinary, rather than the ornate.

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Decorative pendant lighting is the most popular lighting for homes, offices, corporate spaces and commercial establishments. These lights offer an irresistible balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal – all with sufficient illumination to the vicinity or room. At By Living, we provide a stunning collection in wholesale lighting online with a reputation of the best amongst online lighting stores Australia. With a wide range of options in decorative pendant lighting, our buyers can choose from various prices and styles.

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Timber Circular Concrete Pendant

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Beautiful Pendant Lights For Your Kitchen: A Real Style Statement

Pendant lights have the ability to achieve a lot of practical effects, depending on the type of lighting you want to achieve, the aesthetic style of the fixture and your personal taste. Moreover, the type of illumination you would want from the pendant lights would depend on the lighting already available in your kitchen. So, the pendant lights for the kitchen are needed to fill in the gaps and add to the existing decorative sparkle. Pendant lighting comes in few basic forms and all of them can be applied to the kitchen – decorative, ambient, task and accent.

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