There are numerous options when it comes to choosing pendant lights for your home – and filtering the right one can be a challenge!

At By Living, we believe that choosing pendant lights can be emotionally overwhelming, but for best results it is more important to you hang them right!

You will find thousands of images on the internet showing the decorative pendant lights hanging right up close to the ceiling. But, that’s not the right way to hang a pendant light.

pendant lights

We believe that pendant lights are just like decorative jewellery that should make you smile, add a sparkle to your home and be the perfect accessory for your interior decoration.  So, it’s important that You Hang Pendants RIGHT!

How to Hang Them Over Dining Tables

We would recommend hanging the pendants over dining tables at the height of 600mm from the top of the table and 1500 – 1800 mm from the floor.

Hanging the lights at this height makes them a prominently visible. And it creates a cozy atmosphere in your dining space. When you hang the lights too high, they no longer look like an important feature of your room. They seem disconnected and doesn’t add that dramatic impact to your house.

Hanging Pendant Lights in Hallways

Hanging pendant lights in hallways is quite tricky. It needs to be hung at a height where you can save the tall people from the irritating moment of getting knocked with lights.  Make sure, the lowest section of pendants are in line with the top of your door frames. This way the tall people would be saved from the getting knocked by the lights! If you want to bring a dramatic effect or have a large hall where prominent elements are required, then choose something that spreads horizontally and not vertical.

Hanging them Right to Staircase

If you’re looking to add a dramatic impact to your staircase, attach a light fixture at eye level, if you have a large house with a grand staircase. Make sure the fixtures are high enough not to obstruct the movement of people passing under it.

Whether you want to invest in permanent home upgrades or quickly light up a temporary space, hanging the pendant light at the right place will enhance the beauty of your home decor.

Planning to change the interior lighting or upgrade the existing ones? Check out our exclusive and innovative collection of lighting fixtures. We are a lighting wholesaler based in Australia.

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