Imagine a time when furnishing or enhancing your interior space with concrete was considered as a crazy idea. The impression has always been that anything concrete is unfinished and generally uninspiring, but that has changed now.

If you think concrete is too basic to become an interior design trend, then please read on.

According to interior design trends, one of the 2018 year’s must-have elements in interior design is concrete, a material that you might usually associate with driveways, patios and building foundations. However, this year, concrete is making its way into concrete homewares, lighting and even furniture.

The Concrete Homewares in Interiors: Still Stylish, Still on Trend

With new interior design inspiration comes, new decorating patterns, timeless pieces takes on old styles. As a leading concrete homeware wholesalers in Australia, we have re-inspired the ubiquitous material and made it a versatile and stylish addition to any home; showing that, if you know how to use it, concrete can go from drab and boring, to giving a modern, chic and sleek minimalism that works well for contemporary homes and minimalist homes alike.

Why We Love Concrete Pendant Lighting?

The words ‘concrete’ and ‘lighting’ don’t sound perfect together right? But actually they work very well together. Pendant lighting, in particular, is a brilliant combination of concrete and lights.

Made with using slim, minimalist concrete structures, these lights can hang from your ceiling or your walls, offering excellent ambience and illumination without dominating the space. It’s pleasing to the eye when used correctly, concrete pendant lights capture the attention and bring new inspiration into the home.

At By Living, we have some stunning designer concrete homewares and lighting products that will certainly make you rethink the material. We are your one-stop homeware wholesalers in Australia for all kinds of contemporary and modern products. Shop our lighting products and celebrate the ordinary, rather than the ornate.

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