Bathroom lighting may seem the least important when it comes to home decor. However, in reality it is probably more important than living room or bedroom lights. This is due to the fact that a lot of your time is spent in the washroom. Hence, you need it to be well lit up for a variety of reasons. This is not just limited to creating attractive interiors but also to better concentration and efficiency when it comes to performing various tasks.

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Some of the reasons why bathroom lighting is a super important part of your home decor are mentioned below.

  • Avoiding Accidents 

There are too many accidents that take place in the washroom. This includes major slips and falls that can lead to intense injuries. Apart from this, washroom accidents also consist of shaving cuts, run-ins into walls or mirrors, stepping on sharp instruments or edges and so on. When your bathroom is dark, the probability of such accidents increases. Therefore, proper lighting plays a very important role in making your washroom safe and keeping you away from injuries. This is one of the prime reasons why a well lit up bathroom should be a major focus when planning your interiors.

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  • Better Task Performance 

Another significant reason to install enough lighting in your bathroom is to be able to perform daily tasks better. Things like shaving, applying makeup, washing face and more require extra precision. Therefore, you need enough task lighting that enables you to perform these effectively and efficiently. Nonetheless, you also need to make sure that the lighting is installed at the right angles so that unneeded shadows are eliminated. One tip for this would be to avoid installing lights over your mirror, such that the light falls unevenly over your face, accentuating unneeded shadows. This makes performing daily tasks extremely cumbersome. 

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  • Ambient Interiors

Your bathroom is the first and the last place you see in your daily routine. For this very reason, you need the lights to have the right temperature bulbs. You also need to feel like your bathroom is a welcoming space. Therefore, soft ambient lighting that isn’t too bright or too dull is a major requirement in any bathroom. Designer pendant lighting and wall lamps can help achieve such an ambience. This will ultimately help you relax and unwind in your washroom. When you have just woken up, this light will not be too harsh on your eyes, leading to you feeling good and fresh right when you start the day. 

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  • Aesthetic Value

Certain lights such as modern pendant lights in Australia have an aesthetic value of their own. These are decorative pieces that take the overall appearance of your bathroom to the next level. Retro wall lamps, mini mediterranian chandeliers, small pendant lighting and more add a distinct charm to your washroom. Often these lights can be used to reinstate the overall theme of your interiors. Nevertheless, to make sure that your bathroom looks decorative, it is always better to research what goes with your fittings and the general shape of the room. This would give your interiors the right touch and make the space look more beautiful. When it comes to the vanity space in your washroom, it is necessary to ensure that it makes the guest look beautiful and feels inviting. Your bathroom space will thereby be in line with your other interiors.

  •  Illuminating Accent Pieces

There are certain fittings that are unique on their own. This includes uniquely shaped basins, wall murals, your vanity space, bouquet of flowers near the mirror, your luxury bath products and so on. These need to be illuminated in a way that they stand out and are clearly highlighted. Therefore, it is necessary to install lights in places that highlight all these accent pieces. This will make your bathroom space more enticing by focusing on all the elements that make your washroom different and personal. Recessed lighting and small spotlights that aren’t attention grabbing all by themselves can help with better accent lighting in the washroom. You can show off the features of your bathroom that give it a decorative value while bringing out the individuality of the homeowner.


Interesting Bathroom Lighting Tips

There are a number of tips that can make your bathroom lighting effective, decorative as well as efficient. Some of these are as follows:

  • Overhead lighting over bathtubs or showers, enabling you to read while in the bath.
  • Install dimmers in order to save power and change ambience when needed.
  • Lights on sides of the mirror to make sure that all of your face is properly illuminated sans shadows.
  • Make your bathroom interiors more elegant by using the most decorative pendant lights and chandeliers.
  • Lights with metal finishes give your washroom a polished, sophisticated and timeless finish.
  • Effective recessed and floor lighting can help stay away from falls.

Taking care of all the above can ensure that your bathroom lighting is perfect. You can avoid accidents, ensure that tasks are done effortlessly and that the space looks beautiful as well.

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