Lighting is important in any home or commercial setting. However, it is a myth that only indoor lighting is essential. Outdoor lighting is just as significant. In fact, just like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting can also be classified as task, accent and ambient lighting.

Outdoor lighting has many more functional than decorative purposes. It is used to make your home and office premises safe, secure and navigable. Moreover, when it comes to its more decorative functions, it is used to highlight your landscape and make your property look beautiful inside out. Some of the ways in which outdoor lighting can be used for different purposes are defined below.

  • Safety and Security

One form of outdoor task lighting is illumination for safety and security. This is one of the most essential requirements when it comes to any property. Good lighting can help you keep check on the entire perimeter from inside your home or office. This also enhances the performance of security cameras and acts as a psychological deterrent to criminals. Therefore, it is necessary to envision lighting for this purpose. An effective way to do this is via motion detector lights installed at entry points. Overhead lighting near camera points can also help greatly. Apart from this, flush lights, wall lanterns and bulkhead lights can help illuminate your property perimeters properly.

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  • Navigational Guidance

When it comes to making your home or office safe, you need to make sure that falls and injuries are avoided. For this, proper navigation is a major need. In order to enable this, it is necessary to light up your pathways and stairs in a way where these help guide people into your workplace or home safely. For this, under the stairs lighting that highlights each step or under lighting along the steps such that these highlight the trenches is beneficial. You can also install floor lights along the pathways to avoid tripping over your way to the main door. Proper flood lights with motion detectors can also assist while saving energy. Additionally, LEDs are a great choice for outdoor navigational lighting.

  • Landscaping

There is a lot of money people spend on landscaping around their properties. Highlighting this during the dark is therefore of much importance. It gives you a bang on your buck and makes your outdoors look and feel beautiful. Certain underlights can help highlight features such as tall and exquisite trees, plants and more. Overhead lighting in the form of hung up globes can also help highlight bushes and flowers. Both these lights also help play with shadows. Another way to highlight unique landscaping features is by illuminating with string lights all around. However, it is important to make sure that they are not very bright or too dim. Wall sconces that focus an object’s shadow over the wall can also enhance your landscape.

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  • Decorative Features

Certain architectural features are installed in your outdoors to make them look more attractive. This includes gazebos, fountains, art installations, status and more. The main purpose of these is to stand out and garner attention. Hence, if they are not lit up properly, the money you spend on these can become a complete waste. To avoid a situation like this illuminating your outdoors is essential. One way to do this is by installing floor lights that face upwards to light up gazebos and statues. This gives these pieces a magnificent definition and makes them look elegant while standing out. Apart from this, wall lights focussing on the object you desire to highlight can also help greatly. Certain ambient lights can also be installed to create a unique outdoor experience. Modern pendant lights inside gazebos also work like a charm and help make these more visible no matter the darkness. Meanwhile, decorative lighting also acts as an attractive decoration on its own. These give your home or office a subtle glam. Such decorative lighting includes string lights, sequence pendants, designer wall and floor lighting, lamps and so on.

  • Lifestyle Enhancement

An outdoor lifestyle is luxurious on its own. It allows you to relax in the fresh air and soak in the beauty of nature. Some of these lifestyle elements include swimming pools, decks, patios, outdoor living room or kitchen and such. These need to be lit up well so that you can enjoy these amenities even at night time. This not only enhances your lifestyle but also makes sure that your designer outdoors are visible to passersby. Chandeliers are a classic lighting feature that add elegance to your patio or outdoor living space. Lanterns, globe and geometrical pendant lighting as well as subtle yet creative wall lights are all perfect for your patio and deck. In order to make your pool light up even at night, waterproof LEDs can be installed inside the water and floor lights can be put up around the parameters. All this will create a luxurious outdoor experience.

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All these lighting tips can help you make your outdoors extremely attractive, no matter the time of day. These will therefore give you a bang for your buck and make your property stand out uniquely.

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