You picked up a vibrant colour scheme along with selecting an attractive range of designer furniture and creating an urbane interior for your restaurant. But, there’s something amiss.

The interior of your restaurant doesn’t culminate in a welcoming ambience, apparently affecting your business.

Inadequate and poorly arranged lighting plays a prominent (and silent) role in flattening the ambience of your restaurant, thus creating a feeling of discomfort. It can even make the food appear greyish or bluish, and that’s enough to make it repulsive.

The fact is lighting in restaurant matters, a lot!

In this blog, we will share some of the most common (and annoying) lighting mistakes to avoid in your restaurant.

1. The Lesser, The Better!

Installing an exceptional number of fixtures is one of the most common lighting mistakes! It makes your space too bright, turning the ambience harsh; it can make the diners feel like sitting in an interrogation room. The secret to creating a pleasant and calming interior lies in right light placement, wattage and colour temperature.

Clear Pendants

It’s best to figure the right number and spacing of lights depending on the size of your restaurant. Besides, know the lighting specifics like beam spread or lumen output. Clever use of lighting will make the interior is perfectly illuminated, thus creating an intimate and soothing atmosphere to dine in.

2. Right Mood + Pleasant Ambiance

When planning how to light your restaurant, it’s important to remember that these fixtures aren’t there to illuminate the area, but they are there to create the right mood! A blinding fluorescent fixture may not go well with an upscale restaurant.

Wicker Pendants

While figuring out which lighting fixture will create the “right mood”, take into account the food your serve, your interior and it’s colour palette and the dining experience you want to create. If you own a casual pizza place or a cafe, you can pick up the brightest fixture! Remember, adequately set mood can make your restaurant sales shoot up, as the right lights have a soothing and pleasant impact on the diners.

3. Nothing can Replace the Natural Light!

Make the most of (natural) daylight! Nothing can replace the comfort of natural light. They create happier and calmer spaces, and the best part is it’s free! So, it is wise to take full advantage of tall windows, skylights, or doors fitted with glass panels.

Make sure you place the tables and make seating areas by windows – this will allow your diners to enjoy the view. Meanwhile, it is equally essential to understand sun direction and your restaurant’s position. Use window blinds and tints to counteract the harsh glare.

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