When it comes to decorating your abode, it’s the little things that make all the difference!

While focusing on the bigger picture is essential, you should not undervalue the power of skillfully done lighting. There are people who pick up an amicable colour scheme, exquisite furniture only to pair it up with ungraceful light, which adversely impacts the overall disposition of their home.

Lighting is a pivotal element in interior designing, and smartly used lights can amplify everything good about your space. It sets the mood, brings harmony to your area and adds a character to your home.

Choosing Perfect Table Lamps Is An Art!

There are an array of elegant table lamps in different styles and designs. This makes it challenging to handpick a perfect lamp that perfectly complements the overall personality of your home.

Before getting on to your shopping spree, make a mental note of the following pro tips which will help you pin down the ultimate table lamp that goes effortlessly well with your decor:

Know the Purpose

Most people come to buy table lamps because they saw something similar on Instagram or Pinterest and thought it would look great in their homes. It’s here that they go wrong with their decor! Before you select a table lamp, it is crucial to determine its purpose and use.

If you want a source of light to read your favourite novel, while in bed, go for a lamp that gives sufficient light but doesn’t over-illuminate the space. Likewise, if you want a table lamp for your study, going for designs with adjustable heads is a great idea!

Size Does Matter

Size plays a significant role when it comes to choosing table lamps and is often the most underestimated factor. A large lamp might look amazing, but make sure there’s some room left for your books or a cup of coffee on the table.

Wicker Pendants

Moreover, light shining right in your eyes can be uneasy; hence always buy lamp where the bottom of the Shade comes at the eye-level.

Right Shade = Right Lamp

If you want your lamp to illuminate the room well and provide enough ambient light, seek for designs in white or light-coloured shades. Lighter shades allow the light to bounces off better, thus giving the room a warm tone and serene ambience. Besides, if you are looking for a lamp that adds a dramatic effect to your room, go for table lamps with black or darker shades.

Ready to buy table lamps? Shop inspirational range of lights online from By Living. Contact us if you are looking for the latest, elegant and wholesale lighting fixture for your home!

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