Layering the lights in your room is like making lasagna! Perfectly spread and arranged layers in a lasagna give out distinctive flavours making the entire dish an epicurean’s delight.

Likewise, exquisitely layered lights build a point of interest in the room through an eclectic mix of various fixtures. When done correctly, these lights enhance the overall tone of your room and elevates the home decor.

Mixing and matching a series of totally different (and contrasting) light fixtures is no piece of cake! A little lapse of judgement and your home decor get a distinctly dreary ambience.

Pendant Lights + Lamps = Made for Each Other!

Combining pendants with lamps is an excellent way to achieve a flawless amalgamation of task, accent and ambient lighting.

Since the markets are flocked with several styles, there are countless options to choose from. Lack of proper design vision can even you leave baffled, and you might end up with undesirable and jumbled up styles. Result? – A cluttered and unwelcoming home.

Here’s a handy guide that lists out helpful tips to pair up pendant and lamps for a home decor that you’d fall in love with:

1. What’s Your Style!

Every home is a reflection of the homemaker! When it comes to decorating the house, each individual draws inspiration from a particular style. For example, some people like a minimalistic and contemporary decor, while some want earthy architectural interiors. When you layer lights, it’s important to create a perfect equilibrium between the complementary and clashing styles.

For instance, if your home has an open-plan space, where the living, dining and kitchen areas are connected, go for a consistent style. This means the overall feel of all the three spaces should be synchronized. A tropical style lamp in the living room and an industrial pendant light throughout the kitchen will create a sense of clutter across space.

2. Create a Focal Point

Like an exquisite piece of art, a gorgeous (and flashy) pendant light fixture can become a centre of attraction, defining the overall mood of your space. You can it pair it up with an earthy style and minimalistic lamp. This will create a cohesive and relaxed vibe giving a welcoming break from the flashy pendant light.


3. Playing Proportionally

It is commonly believed that placing an oversized pendant in a small room will make it appear overcrowded. But, that’s not always true! You can place a clean pendant design, teaming it up with elongated lamps will create a contemporary and simple decor.

Clear Pendants

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