How Can Lighting Improve Mood, Productivity and Health

How Can Lighting Improve Mood, Productivity and Health?

Lighting has a greater significance in human life than we otherwise think. The presence or absence of natural light has a major effect on circadian rhythms. These are responsible for controlling our body cycle. Nonetheless, in recent times, the presence of artificial light might have led to significant confusion due to a lack of awareness. Understanding how to use them optimally can help improve productivity, mood and health.

Whether you are at home or at your workplace, proper lighting is important. Improper lighting in homes can contribute to depression, disrupted sleep cycles and irregular appetite. Meanwhile, the limited inflow of natural light can also cause Vitamin D deficiencies.

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At the office, the lighting affects alertness, concentration and focus. Glary workplace lighting can also cause visual issues and lead to restlessness. Moreover, at the office, light can also contribute to your temperament which determines your capacity to work.

There are various things that you can do to ensure that lighting affects your mood, productivity and health in a positive manner. These are as below.

  • Pay Attention to the Colour

Colour temperature is the intensity of colour emitted when a light source is turned on. This can be classified into warm, mid and cold. The warmer tones are yellow, red and orange. The tones between yellow and blue are called mid and violets, blues and whites are termed as cold.

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Different temperatures inspire different things. Warmer colour temperatures create a warm and welcoming environment,  mids create a welcoming but alert setting and colder shades create the alert, focussed and productive moods.

Keeping this in mind, lights emitting different colour temperatures need to be installed at different places for the most effective. Lights emitting warmer hues can be installed in living rooms or break rooms in offices. Meanwhile, mid hues are perfect for conference rooms or kitchens. For places such as workout rooms and home offices where focus is of prime importance, colder lighting is used.

By Living is an online lighting store offering a mix of globes emitting different colour temperatures.

  • Maintain a Balance

Our eyes perceive light differently, therefore the way we judge brightness is by comparing lighting levels. Due to this imperfection, certain rooms may appear brighter than others even if the level of lighting in both is the same.

There is a common misconception that more light is always better. Especially in office settings, employees always want oversized globes as they think this will help with better vision. In reality, the effect is the opposite. Too much lighting can cause a disability glare. Striking the right brightness balance is thus a necessity.

By Living provides a number of pendant lights, wall sconces, table and floor lamps for you to experiment with in order to find a mood and productivity-enhancing balance.

  • Make Space for Natural Light

Natural light is important for the human body. This promotes good health and instantly uplifts the mood. Our body reacts to natural light in a way where we feel more cheerful and alive. Hence, it gets you in the right mood to get ready and work. It also helps with your daily dose of Vitamin D and kills germs as well.

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While home designers concentrate on creating bright spots using skylights and windows, this rarely happens in offices. Letting in enough sunlight is essential for the health of the staff and the productivity of the office space.

  • Do Away with Blue Light

Blue light is commonly used in workplaces and home offices. This has a positive effect on alertness and concentration. Nonetheless, excessive exposure to blue light can lead to sleeping problems. It can make you restless.

In fact, in today’s time, many of us look at our screen for long periods of time before going to bed. We also do all our work in the light of our laptop screens. This process can make you restless and tired.

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It is advisable to block out blue light by using blue light blocking apps and phone features or by installing OLEDs around you. OLEDs are easier on human eyes. In addition, you can also install warmer lights in your office and home interiors. Inside homes, these can be used instead of blue light in the evenings.

Our collection at By Living consists of lights with dimmers or warmer light globes. Some of our designer pendant lights also help in blocking out blue light.

  • Customise Your Lighting

Different people are productive under different lighting conditions. Providing flexible lighting options such as lighting fixtures of various types and colour intensities can help greatly. Dimmers also work great. In homes, these can be used to achieve an ambience that suits your mood and in offices, these can help facilitate multiple job profiles and skill requirements. A person working in front of a laptop can use dimmer lights while a person working via a physical medium may choose brighter conditions.

If you are looking for designer lighting options for your office and home, By Living is the best online store in Melbourne. We provide a diverse collection of lighting fixtures that influence your mood, productivity and health.

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5 Tips To Effectively Light Up A Hotel Guest Room

Entering a hotel room is a wholesome feeling. It makes you feel instantly relaxed. This is largely due to the all embracing aesthetics of the room. Just like furniture, lighting also plays an important role in creating this welcoming environment. Therefore, when it comes to hotel room lighting there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of. Ignoring those can lead to your guest leaving bad reviews due to dissatisfaction. Some of the common tips to light up a hotel guest room effectively are discussed below. 

Timber Circular Concrete Pendant

  • Layer Up the Illumination

The main thing to take care of when lighting up any hotel room is to spread the illumination throughout the space. You need to ensure that you start from the ground up and place fixtures in a manner that fulfills all three purposes – functional, decorative and ambient. For decorative purposes, you may need to ensure that you pick out some statement pieces such as geometric pendant lights and chandeliers or creative wall sconces and lamps to give a distinct look to the room. This will be your accent lighting. 

In order to ensure that the floor remains illuminated and there are no injuries, floor lights, either recessed or in the form of fixtures are to be used. This is task lighting. Another form of task lighting is ensuring that the work desk in your room has a focused or adjustable table lamp and that there is a reading light, either in the form of an adjustable lamp, portable light or small overhead pendants, so that the guest can relax and work peacefully. Ambient lighting mostly includes recessed ceiling lights, TV panel lights and so on. All these layers will combine to create the perfect atmosphere in any hotel room. 

  • Establish a Blend of Statements and Aesthetics

In any hotel, you need to look for lighting elements that stand out. These statement pieces will mesmerise your guest. Nonetheless, while buying these accents, you need to take care of the overall aesthetics of your room. You want the accent lights to catch people’s eyes but you also don’t want them to appear awkward in the overall setting. Therefore, if your interiors are contemporary, choosing geometric pendant lights make sense. A Victorian chandelier may not go with that aesthetic. If you are creating a vibrant and happening aesthetic, colourful light fixtures can help greatly and pair together in harmony with the other interior elements. You need to establish a mix that works functionally while enchanting the guest’s visual senses. 

  • Never Ignore the Bathroom

Just like the main bedroom space, you want the bathroom to be illuminated the right way as well. A relaxing bathroom space is a major selling point for most hotel rooms. A few ways to create a rejuvenating bathroom experience involve installing mirror lights on either side of the mirrors to help avoid shadows over your face and installing dimmers or warmer lights for a spa-like ambience. You may also want to ensure that the lights used are waterproof. 

  • Ensure Customisable Lighting

Every guest’s preferences are different. While some may enjoy brighter interiors, others prefer warmer lights that do not stress the eyes. This also depends on the purpose of your visit — work or holiday. Multiple lights with different switches can help guests to create the most satisfactory room ambience. Labels on switches may help make the process easier. Additionally, dimmers may also help guests to navigate from day to night lighting comfortably. They can easily DIY an atmosphere that suits their mood with these.

  • Colour It Right

A hotel room needs to consist of both productive and relaxing lights. This is where colour of the bulb plays a role. A cooler shade generally keeps you more focussed while a warmer luminescence is suitable for times when you want to lay down and unwind. Installing a combination of both may be beneficial. Overhead pendant lighting in cooler shades or adjustable table lamps emitting a white light can be hung over the hotel room desk or kept on the table respectively. In addition, you can install yellowish lights to create a warm ambience. Fixtures emitting yellow shades can be used all over the rest of the room. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to reading lights, you may want these to be a brighter colour tone. These need to be installed in a manner where the bright shade has no effect on your bed partner. In order to enhance the sleeping experience, you can also install soft yellow recessed bulbs under the bed, table or behind the TV. This will provide the visibility while allowing you to softly drift off to a slumber.  

Whether you are looking for wall sconces, table lamps, floor lights or designer pendant lighting in Australia, By Living can help. We provide commercial lights that make your hotel rooms truly be a class apart. Explore our collection now!

How to Make Your Home Office Shine Brighter?

With the advent of the pandemic, more and more people have shifted towards the work from home working model. Therefore, many people are getting home offices designed at their residence. These offer a professional working environment in the comfort of your home. The best part about home offices is that they can be designed as per your choice. In this manner, you can ensure an ideal working environment that suits your exact needs. One important aspect of your home office is lighting.

Good lighting in your home office is important. It makes it both functional as well as decorative. However, when planning your home office lighting it is important to research and consider some expert tips. Some of these are described below.

Pendant or Chandelier Lighting
Pendant or Chandelier Lighting

Keep Focused on the Task

When it comes to an office space, task lighting is extremely important. You need a source of light that helps you focus on your work by diverting more attention to your computer screen or notebook. Traditional table lamps help a lot with this. Today, there are certain table lamps whose angle can be adjusted according to where you want the focus to be. Apart from this, adjustable wall sconces also help with such task lighting. Panel lights under glass tables help greatly when your work revolves around sketching, designing or reading fine print. Apart from all this, floor lights help light up your path and prevent injuries.

Balance the Ambience

While task light is very important, ambient lights that set the mood of your home office are equally significant. You need to make sure that the ambience is conducive enough for peak productivity while also representing the comfort of your home. Designer wall sconces, ceiling lights, small chandeliers, recessed lighting and more can help with creating this ambience. Additionally, if these come with dimmers they can create a change of ambience when desired. Moreover, table lamps that face downwards also help disperse the light instead of providing direct light. These can take your ambience to a whole new level while balancing out the sharpness of task lighting.


Play with Natural Light

Natural light is essential in any home office. It has the benefits that artificial light cannot stimulate. Therefore, building windows, skylights and son on in your home office can help spread the cheer of natural daylight in your space. If you have a window, it is best to place the work desk next to it in a way where you can clearly see the work in front of you. At this stage, daylight will act as task lighting. However, make sure that daylight doesn’t result in glare that results in you losing the focus and having to squint in order to concentrate. To do this, you can place your work desk towards the north or south of the room. Sheer and bamboo blinds also help disperse the glare of sunlight. Skylight placed at the right angles can do wonders when it comes to letting the right amount of light in. Plants can also be placed near windows to disperse sunlight if you aren’t in favour of blinds.

Flaunt an Accented Getup

Apart from ambient and task lighting, to make your space more decorative, accent lighting is a must. Accent lighting gives a personalised and classy feel to your home office. It is that one element that adds charm. In fact, unlike task and ambient lighting, that is its only function. Designer pendant lights with dimmers placed over work desks, a single chandelier hung from the ceiling, decorative wall sconces emitting colourful lights, series lights on a wall, jar lights and so on are some examples of accent lighting that your office space can be filled with. These will make you want to sit and work in the room. A drab setup with no fun lighting will not sprout this desire.

Utilise the Space

While everyone wants a home office, not every house can have an entire room dedicated to it. Sometimes, your office is just one desk or a room which has foot space. In such cases, you need to make sure that your lighting is enough as per the space you have. When you have little space, adjustable wall sconces can perform the task of a table lamp without occupying that amount of space on the desk. Overhead pendants and a small window can help with ambient and aesthetic lighting. These types of lights will make the space feel less cluttered and more breezy.

Layer On the Chamber

Just like with makeup and making sandwiches, layering home office lighting is a must. This will give your space a wholesome feel. The main way to layer is by including all types of lighting that perform all functions. Thus, your room lighting should strike an equilibrium between task, ambient and accent lighting. In addition, you need to ensure that all these lights are placed at different levels. Taking care of such layering will help you achieve perfection and make your home office stand out.

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Best Lighting Trends of 2021

When you are looking for lighting fixtures for your home, it is important to stay on trend. For this very reason, with each changing year, it’s important to stay on top of lighting trends. Given below are a few lighting trends for the year 2021.

  •  Light as Art

 While interior design has always valued decor over lighting, newer trends involve lighting being the focal point of your home interiors. Therefore, your design basically revolves around lighting. Moreover, sculptural table and floor lamps as well as artful chandeliers or pendants act as both statement art pieces as well as illumination points. Some examples are the Facile White Floor Lamp, Rattan Table Lamp and 5 Spider Concrete Light Chandelier by By Living. 

  • Combination of Materials

 In today’s day and age, combining materials to form extravagant lighting has become quite the trend. This usually involves combining timber/ concrete with metal or using a combination of different metals. Such combinations are the perfect mix of homeliness and striking extravagance. By Living provides Ashwood 3 White Pendant light which is a combination of timber and metal. They have many more varieties that mix terrazzo and metal or concrete and metal. 

  • Eco Ceiling Lights

The lines between the environment and interiors is blurring with biophilia becoming an interior trend. Lighting combines materials like dome cork, rattan, concrete, timber and more. Some examples would be Dome Cork Pendant Light by By Living. 

  • Office Table Lamps

Since the pandemic, homes have been converted into offices. Hence, setting up lights that make your home suitable to work in is important. One thing that makes your office room look elegant and professional is a sleek table lamp. This is functional as well as charming. By Living helps embrace the work from home trend with their Leather Timber Table Lamp. 

  • Illuminate with Colour

Now that the world is staying indoors, you want your home to be your sanctuary. Therefore, there is a major need for some colour flash inside your house to make it feel more lively. Colourful and patterned lighting fixtures are thereby trending today. If you have monochromatic interiors, you can add some glamorous contrast by installing bright table lamps, wall lights or chandeliers. Woo-mite Terrazzo Pendant Lights by By Living are available in a variety of shades. 

  • Go Black 

Black is the new metallic. It is one of the most trending colours of 2021. In fact, matte black lighting fixtures stand out and give your interiors a subtle dramatic flair as well as a modern look. Black is bold and cutting edge, unlike any other colour in the market. This is why it gives you extra points to have lighting fixtures that contrast shiny metals which have become quite regular. By Living provides a replica of 3-Lindsey Bubble Chandelier in all black. This is classy and a super fashionable addition to your home. 

  • More Brass 

Polished and brushed brass has warmer tones than other metals. In addition, not only does it provide a shiny effect but also a matte finish. This is why it looks charming when paired with natural materials like wood and manmade materials like concrete. It can give out an understated elegance or a more contemporary look depending on the material it is paired with. Due to its versatility and sophistication, brass is set to be the go-to metal for lighting fixtures in 2021. 

  • Rustic Flair 

As natural elements are becoming more and more trendy, rustic lighting that uses ropes, wood and other natural materials is on top of every interior decorator’s list.  Lights with exposed bulbs on ropes or wrapped over wooden slabs bring a distinct flair to your otherwise modern interiors. These rustic lights get nature inside your home at a time where it’s otherwise difficult to connect with it. By Living’s Rope Pendant Light Tassel is one such pendant light in Australia. 

  • Geometric Pendants 

2021 is big on geometric shapes and patterns. These act as centrepieces in your interiors. They have a modern charm like none other. Furthermore, they also exude an air of elegance and modern sophistication. Hexagonal patterns, octagonal pendants and such are some geometric shapes that are often the go-to. By Living has several options when it comes to geometric pendant lighting online.

If you are looking for lighting fixtures in Australia, explore By Living’s collection of pendant lights, wall lights, table lights, floor lights and more under a single roof. Take your pick and order online now!

The Importance of Good Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting may seem the least important when it comes to home decor. However, in reality it is probably more important than living room or bedroom lights. This is due to the fact that a lot of your time is spent in the washroom. Hence, you need it to be well lit up for a variety of reasons. This is not just limited to creating attractive interiors but also to better concentration and efficiency when it comes to performing various tasks.

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Some of the reasons why bathroom lighting is a super important part of your home decor are mentioned below.

  • Avoiding Accidents 

There are too many accidents that take place in the washroom. This includes major slips and falls that can lead to intense injuries. Apart from this, washroom accidents also consist of shaving cuts, run-ins into walls or mirrors, stepping on sharp instruments or edges and so on. When your bathroom is dark, the probability of such accidents increases. Therefore, proper lighting plays a very important role in making your washroom safe and keeping you away from injuries. This is one of the prime reasons why a well lit up bathroom should be a major focus when planning your interiors.

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  • Better Task Performance 

Another significant reason to install enough lighting in your bathroom is to be able to perform daily tasks better. Things like shaving, applying makeup, washing face and more require extra precision. Therefore, you need enough task lighting that enables you to perform these effectively and efficiently. Nonetheless, you also need to make sure that the lighting is installed at the right angles so that unneeded shadows are eliminated. One tip for this would be to avoid installing lights over your mirror, such that the light falls unevenly over your face, accentuating unneeded shadows. This makes performing daily tasks extremely cumbersome. 

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  • Ambient Interiors

Your bathroom is the first and the last place you see in your daily routine. For this very reason, you need the lights to have the right temperature bulbs. You also need to feel like your bathroom is a welcoming space. Therefore, soft ambient lighting that isn’t too bright or too dull is a major requirement in any bathroom. Designer pendant lighting and wall lamps can help achieve such an ambience. This will ultimately help you relax and unwind in your washroom. When you have just woken up, this light will not be too harsh on your eyes, leading to you feeling good and fresh right when you start the day. 

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  • Aesthetic Value

Certain lights such as modern pendant lights in Australia have an aesthetic value of their own. These are decorative pieces that take the overall appearance of your bathroom to the next level. Retro wall lamps, mini mediterranian chandeliers, small pendant lighting and more add a distinct charm to your washroom. Often these lights can be used to reinstate the overall theme of your interiors. Nevertheless, to make sure that your bathroom looks decorative, it is always better to research what goes with your fittings and the general shape of the room. This would give your interiors the right touch and make the space look more beautiful. When it comes to the vanity space in your washroom, it is necessary to ensure that it makes the guest look beautiful and feels inviting. Your bathroom space will thereby be in line with your other interiors.

  •  Illuminating Accent Pieces

There are certain fittings that are unique on their own. This includes uniquely shaped basins, wall murals, your vanity space, bouquet of flowers near the mirror, your luxury bath products and so on. These need to be illuminated in a way that they stand out and are clearly highlighted. Therefore, it is necessary to install lights in places that highlight all these accent pieces. This will make your bathroom space more enticing by focusing on all the elements that make your washroom different and personal. Recessed lighting and small spotlights that aren’t attention grabbing all by themselves can help with better accent lighting in the washroom. You can show off the features of your bathroom that give it a decorative value while bringing out the individuality of the homeowner.


Interesting Bathroom Lighting Tips

There are a number of tips that can make your bathroom lighting effective, decorative as well as efficient. Some of these are as follows:

  • Overhead lighting over bathtubs or showers, enabling you to read while in the bath.
  • Install dimmers in order to save power and change ambience when needed.
  • Lights on sides of the mirror to make sure that all of your face is properly illuminated sans shadows.
  • Make your bathroom interiors more elegant by using the most decorative pendant lights and chandeliers.
  • Lights with metal finishes give your washroom a polished, sophisticated and timeless finish.
  • Effective recessed and floor lighting can help stay away from falls.

Taking care of all the above can ensure that your bathroom lighting is perfect. You can avoid accidents, ensure that tasks are done effortlessly and that the space looks beautiful as well.

By Living is a lighting store in Australia that provides a range of lighting supplies to make your washroom stand out. Browse our collection and select the pieces of your liking. Call us for wholesale enquiries.

Top Christmas Lighting Ideas for 2020

Christmas is the happiest time of the year. It is that time when there is celebration and cheer all around you. In order to embrace the festive spirit, the best thing you can do is decorate your home.

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In these depressing times, everyone needs a little bit of happiness to lean on. Your christmas decor should thereby resonate warmth and joy. The best way to do this by jazzing up your home with christmas lighting in Australia. There are several ways to make your home stand out on Christmas day in 2020. Some of these are discussed below.

  • Fairy Lights

 Fairy lights, as the name suggests, can make anything look magical. These are usually string lights with small light bulbs. The globes can either emit different colours or a single bright colour. Usually, fairy lights are strung around christmas trees to give it a larger than life effect. It can also be wrapped around your front door wreath. Other than this, fairy lights can be placed around an interesting mirror in your home to give it a distinct effect. Other than this, you can also use fairy lights emitting a white colour and wrap these around trees in your garden. This will give your landscape a snowy feeling.

  •  Series Lights and Icicle Lights

Series lights are the best when it comes to decorating your outdoors. Just like fairy lights, these are available in multicolour or a single colour. Draped around the facade of your home and your window sills, these exude grandeur. Similarly, icicle lights can be used to lace your windows, roofs and other specific areas. These are great to wrap around your shrubbery and hand down from your home walls, railings, fences and more. The best part about icicle lights is that they are christmas specific and are perfect for the festive season. Colourful series lights wrapped around your outdoor christmas elements and installations are also symbolic of the christmas spirit.

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  •  Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants spell out christmas like no other. These can be used to lace your ceiling in a series formation. Unlike other christmas lights, they look sophisticated and can also be used post the festive season. These lights usually consist of a globe within a metal cage like formation. In your outdoors, these lights can be hung in your entrance hallway leading up to the living room to create a welcoming yet classy atmosphere. By Living provides diamond geometric cage pendant lights in Melbourne. These can be hung at different heights for better definition in your residence to create a modern christmas look.

  •  Abstract Chandeliers

 Just like diamond pendants, abstract chandeliers are a form of modern christmas lighting. Multiple chandeliers can be hung at different heights in your living room to create a hypnotic and enchanting appearance. Other than this, a single chandelier can be hung from a high ceiling and can be used as a centrepiece. By Living provides a number of abstract chandeliers. Our designer pendant lighting in Melbourne includes chandelier diamond cage pendant lights, Lindsey Bubble Chandelier and more such varieties. All these give your home interiors a distinctive charm while also looking festive when paired with other christmas lights and decorations. 

Kaleido Cluster Concrete Pendant

  • DIY Lighting

 There are a number of ways in which you can make your own christmas lights. These are economical and decorative. Moreover, they look creative when kept in your interiors. Fairy lights in jars or wine bottles look gracious and festive. Other than this, a globe or fairy lights kept in a christmas ornament box with bells, gifts and more can make for a great accessory. You can also cut out cardboard with cut out clits and install series lights or fairy lights in it. This can be customised as per your needs.

If you are looking for christmas pendant lights or chandeliers in Australia, contact By Living. We are the ultimate stop for all your festive and non-festive lighting needs.

10 Most Effective Living Room Lighting Ideas

Your living room is the first thing that everyone notices about your home interiors. Therefore, your furniture needs to really stand out here. However, with a change in trends, the kind of lighting fixtures used to glow up the space has also become an important consideration today.

Good lighting is something that can turn an ordinary living room into extraordinary. It helps set the right vibes and make the most social area of your home truly warm and inviting. Given below are a few ideas in which you can effectively light up your living room and make it a masterpiece that everyone admires.

  • Make a Statement

If you want your living room to look mesmerising without being confusing, deciding on a centerpiece source of lighting is necessary. If there are too many centrepieces however, the viewer can get muddled with the focal point. Therefore, supporting the one statement light along with other subtler sources can help lift up your space. Usually, modern pendant lighting can help achieve this. A large geometric pendant light or a chandelier can make a statement like no other. Alternatively, an oversized lamp or structural wall sconce can also make for the perfect statement piece when accompanied by smaller fixtures and pendants.

By Living’s chandelier diamond cage pendant light in Australia is a great example of a living room centerpiece. Another example for a mid-century look is 3 Lindsey Bubble Chandelier having three bulbs covered by black glasses and asymmetrical, gold painted, metal branches.

  • Highlight Corners

Dark corners can lead to instances where certain accent pieces remain invisible in your interiors. Moreover, certain corners when lit up can make for great reading nooks. It is therefore beneficial to highlight these. A table lamp or an overhead fixture can help greatly in doing this and set apart your living room appearance.

Large pendant lights

  • Let Your Accents Stand Out

There are certain elements in your living room, such as potted plants, fireplace, a lovely showpiece and so on, that increase the charm of the space. Such elements are called accents. These need to be brought out in order to make the room interesting and layered. Recessed wall lighting behind decorated shelves, overhead table lamps or pendants over dark corners and candlelights or small table lamps over a fireplace are some things that can help. You can also use fairy lights to light up accent pieces by wrapping them around paintings, spiral structures, walls, tables and more.

  • Focus on the Ambience

The living room ambience is extremely important. It can be romantic and intimate or bright and sociable depending on the mood. Dimmers and light control systems help greatly with customising your living room ambience as per occasion. 

  • Play with Levels and Layers

 When it comes to lighting, take care that every level is lit up. Use modern pendant lighting on ceilings, wall sconces at the eye level, table lamps right below the eye level and lastly floor lights. Apart from this, it is always beneficial to light up your home with layers of different lighting fixtures instead of just one. This adds depth to your living room lighting and keeps your interiors from appearing dark.

  • Make Your Light the Art

Sometimes instead of using paintings on the wall, wall lights can act as masterpieces. Oversized artistic fixtures are quite popular and are both functional and decorative. For example, By Living’s movie wall light is an artistic piece all by itself. A series of these placed asymmetrically on the wall can create an industrial masterpiece like no other.

  • Match Imperfectly

Having an identical pair of lights is not necessary. You can create intricacy by pairing different lighting fixtures that match with the overall design. For example, in case of a contemporary style home with wooden centre table, By Living’s Leather timber table lamp on one side of the sofa can be paired with our popular pendant light in Australia, Vertical timber concrete pendant light on the other side.

pendant lights online
pendant lights online
  • Complement with Daylight

Sometimes your interiors may have large windows or skylights that allow a large inflow of daylight. In this case, using a transparent chandelier  is a great choice as this will reflect the natural light instead of blocking it out. You can thereby maximise your living room space with sun lit furniture.

  • Mix Ancient and Modern Lighting

Another thing you can do to create welcoming living room interiors is mix traditional lighting fixtures with contemporary ones. You can pair a victorian chandelier with modernist table lamps or wall lights. Apart from this you can pair modern pendant lighting with an antique baroque lamp or wall sconce. Pairing contemporary lighting with traditional moroccan lamps is also quite popular.

  • Let Low-hanging Fixtures Take the Spotlight

Low hanging fixtures over the living room table or the dining table is both functional and ambient. It creates an inviting atmosphere by highlighting the food or decorations kept on the table. This makes your living room a social haven. Besides, it also provides task lighting that is needed when you eat or play on these tables.

Concrcete Pendant Light

All the above proves that a mixture of all three, ambient, accent and task lighting is needed in the living room. These are nonetheless just a few ideas and not rules of thumb. You can experiment with lighting depending on the overall look of your living room.

Looking for high-quality, designer lighting fixtures? By Living provides wall lights, table lamps, floor lights, globes and pendant lights in Australia for affordable pieces. Browse our collection and order one right away.

6 Lighting Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Interiors

Good lighting plays an imperative part in your interiors. In fact, it can make or break your space. Therefore, before you go on installing whatever lighting fixtures you like, it is important to stop and think. The best way to assure flawless lighting is to plan out your interiors beforehand.

pendant lights online

However, no matter how much you plan, there are certain lighting mistakes that even the most experienced decorators make. In order to keep yourself from making these common errors, it’s important to know about these. Below are a few things you should avoid when lighting up your establishment. 

  • Lack of Versatility

A lot of times, you may end up installing lights for one particular purpose while ignoring all the other purposes it is used for. For example, some rooms may include only task lighting such as floor lights, overhead pendants and such while ignoring accent and ambient lighting. This disequilibrium can make your space look monotonous and drab despite your furniture, painting and other decorations being extraordinary. Striking a balance between the three is essential.

  • No Dimmers

Dimmers are often used in areas to set the mood by lowering and increasing the brightness of a single fixture. These are extremely beneficial because they allow you to customise the feel of the particular room. Additionally, dimmers help decrease stress on the bulb due to constant  brightness  and thereby help in saving energy. These fixtures help greatly eliminating the need for installing too many lights with different temperatures, thereby making your area look neater and helping save money on installation. 

  • Shadowy Vanity Lighting

When it comes to washrooms, the main place that needs to be lit up well is the vanity area. A lot of times, overhead pendants are installed above vanity mirrors in bathrooms. This can cast a shadow on your face, especially under your eyes, preventing you from doing make up efficiently. It is therefore advisable to have small lights on the side walls or lamps surrounding the mirror installed at eye-level so that your face is visible clearly. This will help you carry out your vanity requirements without hassle.

  • Ignoring Task Lighting

Most people focus on decorative lighting when it comes to interior designing. This results in them ignoring task lighting. In certain areas, such as the kitchen, having task lighting over tabletops and kitchen islands is a must for convenience. This also instills a degree of safety in the area and promotes accidents due to low lighting. Even in study and office areas, it is always necessary to have table lamps and ceiling pendants installed over the work area. This will assist you in minimising stress on your eyes. 

  • Overlighting or Underlighting Your Space

While lighting enhances the beauty of your establishment, going crazy with it can backfire. Installing too many lights in a single space can lead to you being blinded by the lights. It can make your home look like a retail space. On the other hand, underlighting is also a big flaw. If you instal a single chandelier in a high ceiling space, it can lead to other areas being extremely dark. The elements worth highlighting in your room will also not be visible. It is therefore important to maintain an equilibrium. The rule of thirds can be applied in your interiors to avoid this. This means that the three things that need to be lit up are your ceilings, paintings and furniture. Fixtures should be installed accordingly without going overboard or underboard.


  • Disproportionate Fixtures

Oversized fixtures in a tiny room and undersized fixtures in a large room can look disproportionate. While oversized fixtures can claim all the attention, undersized ones can make your space look dull. Hence, analysing the size of your area and choosing fixtures after thorough planning is essential.

Taking care of all the above and following the tips to rectify these lighting mistakes will assist you in maximising the look and feel of your establishment. 

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The Significance of Better Office Lighting

Lighting is a major part of any space, be it a home or an office. However, when it comes to office interior planning, it is also, often, an underestimated element.

At an office, effective and well thought out lighting creates a conducive working environment. It has several effects on the employee’s and client’s psyche. Apart from this, it also has implications on the overall safety and efficiency of your workplace just like other aspects like furniture, desks and so on. Proper lighting can also make or break your savings. Therefore, installing the right lighting fixtures in your office can do wonders.

Given below are a few pointers that help you evaluate why good lighting is an important feature of a prolific working space.

  • Effect on Health and Productivity

It is believed that a well lit up office space leads to better employee productivity and health. Dimmer lights can cause stress, fatigue and headaches as it can be strenuous to the eyes of your staff. A bright office space on the other hand leads to higher concentration levels, lesser sick leaves and in turn a higher employee output.

In order to make your office space brighter, you can choose a good mix of natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting has several health implications, such as a higher concentration of vitamin D, and also makes your office space look luminescent without too much of hassle. It can be utilised in your office space through windows and skylight. Your furniture can also be arranged in a manner where it can catch some natural daylight. In addition, metal and glass fixtures can be used in a manner where most light gets reflected throughout the space. One effective method is to use glass walls for cabins to further the effect of natural light.

Nonetheless, natural light by itself cannot suffice as it varies as per seasons. Therefore, it needs to be blended with other artificial light fixtures, some of which can be switched on along with the natural light and others that are good to go on their own. The ones that can be switched on along with natural light should not be too overpowering as this would lead to glare in your office space, making it difficult for anyone to work without squinting their eyes.

  • Aesthetics and Corporate Image

Proper illumination in your office space makes it look bigger, brighter and cleaner. It creates an elegant look, making your workplace interiors stand out. These play a great role in forming a client’s opinion about your business, thereby improving your firm’s reputation. Additionally, if you use LEDs in your office, it endows a goodwill to your company, helping you to seem more responsible and sustainable in your approach.

If you wish to create sophisticated looking interiors, use large pendant lights as centrepieces in your common areas. You can also opt for designer ceiling light, wall lights and lamps for your employee desks and cabins. Meanwhile, in order to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the environment, replace your normal bulb with LEDs. Another suggestion to augment the look of your workspace would be to choose lighter walls since these reflect light better than darker colours and make your office look more spacious.

  • Safety at the Workplace

One of the most important functions of lighting is to increase safety in your workplace. Dim lighting can lead to several office injuries. Task lighting is imperative to prevent these. Besides, bright lighting also deters crime by giving an illusion that someone is there at your office even when it is empty. In both of these ways, lighting is a significant safety measure for your workplace.

In order to prevent injuries at the workplace, you can concentrate on task lighting. This involves small pendants, ceiling lights or lamps on each desk. You can also choose path lights for better luminance whence one walks. This will help prevent falls. If you wish to keep your lights switched on for the entire day, it is recommended to choose bulbs that consume less energy.

  • Cost Reduction and Energy Savings

Choosing the right lighting options for your office can help to cut down expenses. For this very reason, it is essential to keep updating your workplace lighting and save money wherever you can.

For reducing your electricity bill, natural light is the perfect alternative. Enough natural lighting will prevent the use of artificial lights during daytime. This can help greatly in cost saving. On the other hand, if you wish to save energy as well as money, choosing LED bulbs can be of great assistance in achieving both goals with ease. You can also research and buy lighting fixtures from a store or online shop that sells for wholesale prices.

Keeping all the above tips in mind can help you create an incomparable office experience.

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You Cannot Miss These Top Lighting Trends in 2020!

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the biggest changes to your home decor aren’t disruptive. At certain occasions, they are extremely undemanding! This is the case when it comes to lighting; you can bring a drastic transformation to the interiors by just adding the right kind of pendant lights at the right place. It can give your home a new feel and look without making many efforts.

If switching the interior lighting arrangement is on your agenda in 2020, this blog gives you a round-up of the latest trends that will give your home a contemporary edge!

1. Watch Out for These Kitchen Lighting Trends

When it comes to kitchen lighting, it’s feasible to keep it simple, minimalistic and practical. A soft lamplight might not prove effective in a kitchen, especially when you have to carefully measure ingredients. There are plenty of lighting options that can add a unique character to your kitchen, without compromising on the practicality.

pendant lights online

  • Matte Black Pendant Lights

Black is going to be the new favourite neutral in 2020. Matte black pendant lights are slowly making room for themselves in the contemporary colour palettes due to the chic and edgy style.

  • Clear Pendants Light

Sporting an irresistibly charming amalgamation of the rustic and industrial designs, clear pendants are becoming increasingly popular among many interior designers. It not only adds elements of fun when hung at varying heights but the minimalist silhouettes, along with exposed Edison bulbs gives the kitchen a sophisticated look.

2. Look Out for These Dining Room Lighting Trends in 2020

A focal point of every family conversation, dinner parties, and more, the dining space should sport creative and show-stopping light extensions. Here are some lighting ideas to decorate your dining space:

pendant lights online
  • Wicker Pendants

Wicker is going to be all over the place in 2020 and lighting is no special case here. The wicker pendants are outstandingly versatile and work with any home decor whether it’s traditional or boho.

  • Industrial Style Pendant Lights

Industrial lighting was a rage last year and is here to stay at least for 2020. You can look for pieces contemporary and delicate pieces to give your dining space a modern look.

3. Takeaway

In 2020, you will come across plenty of ways to dress up your home using lighting. Whether you love mid-century modern aesthetic or prefer clean and modern designs, this year you will witness a plethora of styles that you can incorporate to keep you home on top of the current trends.

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