Wholesale suppliers of modern pendant lighting in Australia

Looking to give your home or workspace new life?

Lighting is often overlooked or is left to the end of the design process but with some simple planning, it is a fantastic and highly affordable way to makeover your favourite area.

At By Living, we know the right lighting can open up spaces and create a greater environment. We are dedicated to providing you with brilliantly designed pendant lights, all of which can be the perfect focal point for a room, adding a modern perspective to the otherwise ordinary.

With our unique range of pendant lights and distinctive homeware, all of which can be easily installed and incorporated into your living or workspace, you can bring a contemporary edge to your world.

By Living is a boutique lighting designer and supplier in Australia, we provide designer lights online and pendant lights specialising in Concrete lighting. We have now expanded to homeware and furniture in Nordic and Scandinavian designer styles.

Shop now and live a brighter, more beautiful life.


By Living
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