A small space can make you feel claustrophobic, especially when it is paired with a clumsy colour palette and lighting.
Clever use of lighting is one of the most basic and prominent components in interior designing. Smart utilisation of this element can enhance everything about your home – even if it is a small apartment. The right use of light can impact the overall ambience and make your space appear larger by giving it an augmented sense of depth and dimension.
In this article, we’ve tried to help you think outside the box when it comes to lighting up your tiny nest! The following space-friendly lighting guide will add premium style to your limited space.

1. Go for Wall Lights

If you’re looking for some serious style inspiration for your small space, go for wall sconces. These practical and beautiful lighting fixtures don’t take up the limited and valuable floor space you have. Additionally, they create an outstanding widening effect along the wall, creating an illusion of larger space.

2. De-clutter Space by Using Track lighting

Track lighting has emerged as one of the biggest design trends in 2019. In fact, a lot of designers are increasingly using track lighting in kitchens and lounges. Since the track lights are subtle and muted, you can angle the light wherever you require it without overpowering a small space.

3. Pendant Lights – Hang’ Em Right

When it comes to illuminating up a small space, pendant lights pack a real punch. If your apartment has a high ceiling, but inadequate square footage (width), hanging pendant lights can create a vertical path, giving an illusion of ample space. It emphasises the height of your room, drawing attention away from the width, which gives the room a stylish look, without cluttering it.

4. Capitalise on Any Natural Light

Small spaces have limited natural light; therefore, it is essential to capitalise on natural lighting as much as possible. Natural light makes a small room feel more spacious by substantially reducing the shadows that make an area feel more confined.
Classic pendant light

5. Take Care of Dark Recesses with Table Lamp

With a well-placed table or floor lamp, you can never go wrong! They’re the most effortless and affordable way to illuminate a small space and add a stylish element to your plain-looking room. Placing the floor lamps near the corners will eliminate the dark recesses, therefore making the place appear airy and voluminous.
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