Lighting is an essential element that makes your home beautiful.

Strategically arranged lighting fixture makes your room bright, beautiful and happy!

While selecting different kinds of lighting fixtures, we often pick up the contemporary chandeliers or pendant and undermine the versatile role of a floor lamp. A smartly placed high-end floor lamp gives a pleasant and cozy feel to your room.

Lighten up a dull looking living space with floor lamps!


Floor lamps are quite popular among many interior designers and home-decor aficionado as they are versatile and practical. And the best thing is floor lamps can add a fancy look to your room without any major architectural or structural overhauls.

Here are some reasons why home stylists love floor lamps and why you should get one:

1. Create an illusion of ‘Space.’

A floor lamp is a perfect choice if you want to add some ‘space’ to a small room. One of the classic trick to make a small area look spacious is to use verticals and make the best use of heights like having stripped curtains, a narrow bookshelf and a floor lamp. A tall and slim floor lamp creates an illusion of space, adds height and sophistication to your room while occupying just a small portion of the floor.

2. Use it as Accent Light

Do you love a beautiful painting on your walls and want to draw visitors attention? Place an elegant floor lamp near your favourite painting and highlight the spot! Floor lamps can be placed near such special spots to attract others attention.

3. Optimum use of the ’empty’ space

Does the corner in your living room that looks empty? Don’t fill that empty corner by squishing a sofa or bed, instead use a floor lamp to add elegance. Floor lamps are perfect for spaces where you cannot use any other light fixture.

Moreover, the light from a floor lamp bounces off the walls and from the ceiling, making the dull corner look brighter and illuminated.

To simply browse the full range of floor lamps, visit our online lighting shops in Australia. We offer one stop solution for lighting needs.

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