Do you know among different things, lighting fixtures play a very significant role in creating an inviting ambience for your restaurant?

 Lighting Fixtures

The purpose of restaurant lighting is to enhance the mood and the setting. Food industries are heavily influenced by fashion and design trends. Interior design of the restaurant needs to be changed from time to time to freshly attract new and existing customers.

Right kind of lighting fixture in your dining area has the potential to create a positive impact on the diners and make a difference in their overall dining experience.

The extent of lighting fixtures depends on other factors like the height of the ceiling, the colour of the walls, carpeting, and furniture arrangement. Besides this, there are other factors to consider deciding lighting solutions.

Here, we have listed down some of these factors:

●An Evenly lit dining room

It is important that your lighting is evenly spread out over the dining area. So, you should ensure that there are no excessively bright spots or excessively dark spots.

You can decide the level of your lighting depending on the atmosphere and mood of the restaurant. For example, a romantic restaurant should have dim lights. But dim lights won’t work for a fast food restaurant.

●Accent the focal points

Once you have decided the levels of lighting in the dining area, you need to highlight focal points in your restaurant. The focal points here include menu boards, open kitchen, if any, art pieces on your walls and so on. It is important that you use the proper lighting fixture to ensure light angles come off the perfectly well.

Since, it is important to choose the right kind of lighting solutions to create the perfect ambience, we have listed down some stylish lighting solutions for your restaurant to make things easy for you.

●Pendant Lights
Pendant lights are quite popular among many restaurant owners. These attractive lights hangs from the ceiling. These lights are perfect for positioning over the bars, countertops, tables and host areas. It also provide adequate light for the guests to read the menu.

●Wall Lamps
Wall lamps are excellent option to provide accent lighting. These lights are attached to walls and therefore they can used as a flank for artwork or mirrors. They are also be used in the restrooms as vanity lights.

●Track Lighting
Track lighting is an ideal choice to create and highlight the focal points. They have multiple fixtures attached on a continuous track and it is set to direct light in different directions.

Lighting is a crucial important part of restaurant design. It is important that you choose the right lighting solution to create a welcoming ambience for the restaurant. There are many lighting wholesalers in Australia who can offer you numerous lighting solutions.

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