Smart Lighting Gives your House a Classic Appeal

It does not matter how well you designed or decorated your home, lack of proper lighting can make everything go to waste! Right kind of light plays a vital role that adds a distinctive character to your room.

Lighting your room can be overwhelming and challenging, especially when you have no idea where to start. Here’s a handy guide that will help you understand different types of lighting and how to use them to get a beautifully lit house:

Ambient Lighting

A common type of lighting, ambient has a soft glow that provides overall illumination for the whole room. It is important for this type of lighting to make everything in the room visible, without making it over bright or causing any glare. Beautiful ambient lighting can be accomplished with pendant lights. When installed in the right place and at the right height, pendant lights provide soft lighting to the room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting illuminates a particular space where a person is performing a specific task. An overhead fixture that illuminates your reading area is an example of task lighting. To ensure the pleasant effect of task lighting in the room, it is better to avoid any other types of (over) bright lights that cast shadows. Ceiling pendant lights are ideal as task lighting as placing them at the right height eliminates the glare and provide enough illumination enabling the person carry on with his task.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used primarily to illuminate a specific point of interest that requires direct attention of the onlooker. Using this type of lighting gives an impression of a larger room and so it is frequently used to highlight an architectural feature, a masterpiece or a sculptor. Pendant lights are sometimes used for accent lighting. However, the common choice for this type of lighting is wall and landscape lights.

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