How Can Lighting Improve Mood, Productivity and Health

Lighting has a greater significance in human life than we otherwise think. The presence or absence of natural light has a major effect on circadian rhythms. These are responsible for controlling our body cycle. Nonetheless, in recent times, the presence of artificial light might have led to significant confusion due to a lack of awareness. Understanding how to use them optimally can help improve productivity, mood and health.

Whether you are at home or at your workplace, proper lighting is important. Improper lighting in homes can contribute to depression, disrupted sleep cycles and irregular appetite. Meanwhile, the limited inflow of natural light can also cause Vitamin D deficiencies.

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At the office, the lighting affects alertness, concentration and focus. Glary workplace lighting can also cause visual issues and lead to restlessness. Moreover, at the office, light can also contribute to your temperament which determines your capacity to work.

There are various things that you can do to ensure that lighting affects your mood, productivity and health in a positive manner. These are as below.

  • Pay Attention to the Colour

Colour temperature is the intensity of colour emitted when a light source is turned on. This can be classified into warm, mid and cold. The warmer tones are yellow, red and orange. The tones between yellow and blue are called mid and violets, blues and whites are termed as cold.

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Different temperatures inspire different things. Warmer colour temperatures create a warm and welcoming environment,  mids create a welcoming but alert setting and colder shades create the alert, focussed and productive moods.

Keeping this in mind, lights emitting different colour temperatures need to be installed at different places for the most effective. Lights emitting warmer hues can be installed in living rooms or break rooms in offices. Meanwhile, mid hues are perfect for conference rooms or kitchens. For places such as workout rooms and home offices where focus is of prime importance, colder lighting is used.

By Living is an online lighting store offering a mix of globes emitting different colour temperatures.

  • Maintain a Balance

Our eyes perceive light differently, therefore the way we judge brightness is by comparing lighting levels. Due to this imperfection, certain rooms may appear brighter than others even if the level of lighting in both is the same.

There is a common misconception that more light is always better. Especially in office settings, employees always want oversized globes as they think this will help with better vision. In reality, the effect is the opposite. Too much lighting can cause a disability glare. Striking the right brightness balance is thus a necessity.

By Living provides a number of pendant lights, wall sconces, table and floor lamps for you to experiment with in order to find a mood and productivity-enhancing balance.

  • Make Space for Natural Light

Natural light is important for the human body. This promotes good health and instantly uplifts the mood. Our body reacts to natural light in a way where we feel more cheerful and alive. Hence, it gets you in the right mood to get ready and work. It also helps with your daily dose of Vitamin D and kills germs as well.

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While home designers concentrate on creating bright spots using skylights and windows, this rarely happens in offices. Letting in enough sunlight is essential for the health of the staff and the productivity of the office space.

  • Do Away with Blue Light

Blue light is commonly used in workplaces and home offices. This has a positive effect on alertness and concentration. Nonetheless, excessive exposure to blue light can lead to sleeping problems. It can make you restless.

In fact, in today’s time, many of us look at our screen for long periods of time before going to bed. We also do all our work in the light of our laptop screens. This process can make you restless and tired.

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It is advisable to block out blue light by using blue light blocking apps and phone features or by installing OLEDs around you. OLEDs are easier on human eyes. In addition, you can also install warmer lights in your office and home interiors. Inside homes, these can be used instead of blue light in the evenings.

Our collection at By Living consists of lights with dimmers or warmer light globes. Some of our designer pendant lights also help in blocking out blue light.

  • Customise Your Lighting

Different people are productive under different lighting conditions. Providing flexible lighting options such as lighting fixtures of various types and colour intensities can help greatly. Dimmers also work great. In homes, these can be used to achieve an ambience that suits your mood and in offices, these can help facilitate multiple job profiles and skill requirements. A person working in front of a laptop can use dimmer lights while a person working via a physical medium may choose brighter conditions.

If you are looking for designer lighting options for your office and home, By Living is the best online store in Melbourne. We provide a diverse collection of lighting fixtures that influence your mood, productivity and health.

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