With the advent of the pandemic, more and more people have shifted towards the work from home working model. Therefore, many people are getting home offices designed at their residence. These offer a professional working environment in the comfort of your home. The best part about home offices is that they can be designed as per your choice. In this manner, you can ensure an ideal working environment that suits your exact needs. One important aspect of your home office is lighting.

Good lighting in your home office is important. It makes it both functional as well as decorative. However, when planning your home office lighting it is important to research and consider some expert tips. Some of these are described below.

Pendant or Chandelier Lighting
Pendant or Chandelier Lighting

Keep Focused on the Task

When it comes to an office space, task lighting is extremely important. You need a source of light that helps you focus on your work by diverting more attention to your computer screen or notebook. Traditional table lamps help a lot with this. Today, there are certain table lamps whose angle can be adjusted according to where you want the focus to be. Apart from this, adjustable wall sconces also help with such task lighting. Panel lights under glass tables help greatly when your work revolves around sketching, designing or reading fine print. Apart from all this, floor lights help light up your path and prevent injuries.

Balance the Ambience

While task light is very important, ambient lights that set the mood of your home office are equally significant. You need to make sure that the ambience is conducive enough for peak productivity while also representing the comfort of your home. Designer wall sconces, ceiling lights, small chandeliers, recessed lighting and more can help with creating this ambience. Additionally, if these come with dimmers they can create a change of ambience when desired. Moreover, table lamps that face downwards also help disperse the light instead of providing direct light. These can take your ambience to a whole new level while balancing out the sharpness of task lighting.


Play with Natural Light

Natural light is essential in any home office. It has the benefits that artificial light cannot stimulate. Therefore, building windows, skylights and son on in your home office can help spread the cheer of natural daylight in your space. If you have a window, it is best to place the work desk next to it in a way where you can clearly see the work in front of you. At this stage, daylight will act as task lighting. However, make sure that daylight doesn’t result in glare that results in you losing the focus and having to squint in order to concentrate. To do this, you can place your work desk towards the north or south of the room. Sheer and bamboo blinds also help disperse the glare of sunlight. Skylight placed at the right angles can do wonders when it comes to letting the right amount of light in. Plants can also be placed near windows to disperse sunlight if you aren’t in favour of blinds.

Flaunt an Accented Getup

Apart from ambient and task lighting, to make your space more decorative, accent lighting is a must. Accent lighting gives a personalised and classy feel to your home office. It is that one element that adds charm. In fact, unlike task and ambient lighting, that is its only function. Designer pendant lights with dimmers placed over work desks, a single chandelier hung from the ceiling, decorative wall sconces emitting colourful lights, series lights on a wall, jar lights and so on are some examples of accent lighting that your office space can be filled with. These will make you want to sit and work in the room. A drab setup with no fun lighting will not sprout this desire.

Utilise the Space

While everyone wants a home office, not every house can have an entire room dedicated to it. Sometimes, your office is just one desk or a room which has foot space. In such cases, you need to make sure that your lighting is enough as per the space you have. When you have little space, adjustable wall sconces can perform the task of a table lamp without occupying that amount of space on the desk. Overhead pendants and a small window can help with ambient and aesthetic lighting. These types of lights will make the space feel less cluttered and more breezy.

Layer On the Chamber

Just like with makeup and making sandwiches, layering home office lighting is a must. This will give your space a wholesome feel. The main way to layer is by including all types of lighting that perform all functions. Thus, your room lighting should strike an equilibrium between task, ambient and accent lighting. In addition, you need to ensure that all these lights are placed at different levels. Taking care of such layering will help you achieve perfection and make your home office stand out.

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