Entering a hotel room is a wholesome feeling. It makes you feel instantly relaxed. This is largely due to the all embracing aesthetics of the room. Just like furniture, lighting also plays an important role in creating this welcoming environment. Therefore, when it comes to hotel room lighting there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of. Ignoring those can lead to your guest leaving bad reviews due to dissatisfaction. Some of the common tips to light up a hotel guest room effectively are discussed below. 

Timber Circular Concrete Pendant

  • Layer Up the Illumination

The main thing to take care of when lighting up any hotel room is to spread the illumination throughout the space. You need to ensure that you start from the ground up and place fixtures in a manner that fulfills all three purposes – functional, decorative and ambient. For decorative purposes, you may need to ensure that you pick out some statement pieces such as geometric pendant lights and chandeliers or creative wall sconces and lamps to give a distinct look to the room. This will be your accent lighting. 

In order to ensure that the floor remains illuminated and there are no injuries, floor lights, either recessed or in the form of fixtures are to be used. This is task lighting. Another form of task lighting is ensuring that the work desk in your room has a focused or adjustable table lamp and that there is a reading light, either in the form of an adjustable lamp, portable light or small overhead pendants, so that the guest can relax and work peacefully. Ambient lighting mostly includes recessed ceiling lights, TV panel lights and so on. All these layers will combine to create the perfect atmosphere in any hotel room. 

  • Establish a Blend of Statements and Aesthetics

In any hotel, you need to look for lighting elements that stand out. These statement pieces will mesmerise your guest. Nonetheless, while buying these accents, you need to take care of the overall aesthetics of your room. You want the accent lights to catch people’s eyes but you also don’t want them to appear awkward in the overall setting. Therefore, if your interiors are contemporary, choosing geometric pendant lights make sense. A Victorian chandelier may not go with that aesthetic. If you are creating a vibrant and happening aesthetic, colourful light fixtures can help greatly and pair together in harmony with the other interior elements. You need to establish a mix that works functionally while enchanting the guest’s visual senses. 

  • Never Ignore the Bathroom

Just like the main bedroom space, you want the bathroom to be illuminated the right way as well. A relaxing bathroom space is a major selling point for most hotel rooms. A few ways to create a rejuvenating bathroom experience involve installing mirror lights on either side of the mirrors to help avoid shadows over your face and installing dimmers or warmer lights for a spa-like ambience. You may also want to ensure that the lights used are waterproof. 

  • Ensure Customisable Lighting

Every guest’s preferences are different. While some may enjoy brighter interiors, others prefer warmer lights that do not stress the eyes. This also depends on the purpose of your visit — work or holiday. Multiple lights with different switches can help guests to create the most satisfactory room ambience. Labels on switches may help make the process easier. Additionally, dimmers may also help guests to navigate from day to night lighting comfortably. They can easily DIY an atmosphere that suits their mood with these.

  • Colour It Right

A hotel room needs to consist of both productive and relaxing lights. This is where colour of the bulb plays a role. A cooler shade generally keeps you more focussed while a warmer luminescence is suitable for times when you want to lay down and unwind. Installing a combination of both may be beneficial. Overhead pendant lighting in cooler shades or adjustable table lamps emitting a white light can be hung over the hotel room desk or kept on the table respectively. In addition, you can install yellowish lights to create a warm ambience. Fixtures emitting yellow shades can be used all over the rest of the room. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to reading lights, you may want these to be a brighter colour tone. These need to be installed in a manner where the bright shade has no effect on your bed partner. In order to enhance the sleeping experience, you can also install soft yellow recessed bulbs under the bed, table or behind the TV. This will provide the visibility while allowing you to softly drift off to a slumber.  

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