Walking into a dark and poorly lit room can make even the most optimist person feel dull and depressed.  With the colder days around the corner, a dark room can quickly trigger the winter blues.

In this blog, we have put together some practical and clever lighting hacks to transform even the gloomiest and dullest room in your home into a bright and elegant space.

1. Consider Adding Layers

Having only one light source like overhead lighting in your room can create a harsh and bleak feel, giving the space an uninviting vibe. Thus, consider adding layers, for example, a simple lighting combination of an elegant pendant light with a wall light is a sure-shot way to brighten up even a dull room.

2. Strategic Placement is the Key

Apart from placing ceiling lights, add some extra lighting sources in strategic locations around the room. This will make space look brighter, giving it a welcoming vibe. For example, if you want to add some life to a dull corner of your room, add a slim and tall floor lamp. It will give instant brightness, transforming the place into a vibrant space.  Besides, adding LED lighting strip is also a brilliant way to illuminate your room and add ambience to it.

3. Pick up Reflective Shades

The more reflective and clearer your shades are, the more light will escape to lit up the room. Therefore, think about picking up clear glass, chrome or crystal pendant lights to bring in vibrancy in a dark room.

4. Use Uplighters

Why limit the home decoration to beneath the eye level when you can make the most of the white ceiling?  Wall lights and floor lamps with an uplight makes the light bounce towards the ceiling and reflecting it into the room; creating a feeling of airiness. Moreover, the up-lighting effect beautifully complements a dark statement wall.

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