Have you reached a dead-end in designing your home? Rather than giving your home an expensive makeover, consider modernising your home’s lighting.

Right and smart lighting can impact and enhance everything about your home – from its overall architectural ambience to its colour scheme. Also, updating to attractive lighting fixtures that reflect a new decor is relatively easy, quick and even budget-friendly.

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How to Give Your Home a Makeover with Lighting Fixtures?

Unfortunately, even though a crucial design element lighting is the most overlooked element, and that’s the reason why many people often get it wrong.

If you are one of those with wrong lighting all over your home, here’s something that can help you. Follow these thumb rules to get your lighting right:

1. Simplicity is the Key

If you think decluttering is just a fad – think again! It is much more than just a trend – it is an excellent concept that you can apply while choosing lighting elements for your home. While choosing the lighting fixture, it is crucial to create a sense of simplicity and so, pick up sleek, invigorating, functional and cohesive lighting.

You might have seen several oversized lighting pieces on various Pinterest pages; however, control the temptation to get large fixtures. They work beautifully as a standout feature, but it will create a sense of clutter.

2. Pick the Right Colour Temperature

Do you know the wrong colour temperature in a space can dramatically alter its appearance?

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To create a warm, welcoming and relaxing ambience in your home, pick up warm lights, especially in areas where you want to relax and feel comfortable; for example – your bedroom. Furthermore, having warm lights in your room can help you feel at ease and soothes your nerve. You can use cool lights in task areas like a kitchen or laundry to feel energised!

3. Layer up your Lighting

There’s nothing more irksome and unwelcoming than walking in a room full of downlights. Remember, over lighting can give your room a cold and uninspiring vibe. 9Incorporate your home with an eclectic mix of lighting fixtures – You can layer your lighting with pendants, down-lights, lamps and wall lights that allows you to juxtapose the shadows and highlights, giving a dramatic impact to your home.

4. Get a Smart Lighting Plan

Lighting is not just about picking up the right styles or colours – it’s more about placement. If you’re planning a renovation or makeover, getting a good and smart design plan will prove to be a lifesaver. Having a well laid out plan in place will save you a lot of stress, time and money and also elevates the style in your room.

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Ready to upgrade your lighting? Shop an inspirational range of lights online from Byliving. Contact us if you are looking for the latest, elegant and wholesale lighting fixture for your home!

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