The main function of lighting is to make your interiors glow and enhance their value. Apart from this, certain tasks require more focus and this is where lighting helps.

In today’s day and age, lighting is not only associated with the basic task of illumination. Lighting fixtures are also associated with aesthetics. This essentially means that fixtures are art pieces all by themselves. This is the basic concept of statement lighting.

Unlike normal lighting, statement lighting is decorative lighting that adds personality to your interiors. These lights also act as centerpieces in your interiors. Ultimately, statement pieces grab attention, make your home feel more welcoming, add a distinct humanness and also act as conversation starters.

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Now that the purpose of statement lighting is clear, investing in these may make sense to any home or office owner. However, it is important to remember that the advent of the internet has brought with it a plethora of options. Selecting the right ones is essential for charming interiors.

Discussed below are a few important tips that will help you select the right statement lights.

  •  Go Big or Go Home

While it is said that for most lighting fixtures found online size is irrelevant, for statement lighting that is not the case. You need to go big when investing in these. An oversized contemporary chandelier hanging from the ceiling of your living room will definitely attract attention. It may be in contrast with your interiors but that is what will help make a statement.

Pendant or Chandelier Lighting
Pendant or Chandelier Lighting

The reason why size matters when buying statement lights is that the purpose is to make it noticeable. But there is no rule of thumb. Multiple pendant lights in Melbourne with modernistic design are often brought and hung. These can also work great as a statement piece. In this case however, you need to go big on quantity instead of size. Remember that placement is key when it comes to designer pendant lighting.

  •  Move Beyond Chandeliers

Usually, statement lights are associated with grand chandeliers or hanging pendant lights. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Oversized lamps, clusters of wall sconces or a unique wall light can also add a flair of personality to your home/ office.

Wall Lights

A statement table lamp can act as a conversation point for guests on your dining table. Oversized lamps can be placed next to your beautiful sofas in the living/ breakout/ waiting room or your outdoor lounge. Wall sconces can even be used to highlight other design elements while being accents by themselves. One great example is that of the movie wall lamp by By Living. It displays one’s love for movies and also catches the eye. It can be adjusted to showcase artistic paintings, decor or furniture.

  • Mix and Match Styles 

The great thing about statement lights is that they leave leeway for experimentation. You don’t need to be afraid to mix and match styles as this is what will lead to an accent piece that garners talk.


If you have a rather symmetrical design in your interiors, setting this off with an oversized pendant placed at the side instead of the center will add asymmetry. This will balance out the aesthetic and prevent it from appearing boring. A Victorian chandelier in a contemporary home or vice versa has almost the same effect. In all cases, the light is the star and will most definitely stand out.

  • Take Care of Functionality 

While statement lights need to stand out, that is not the only criteria when buying one for your commercial or residential space. Functionality also plays a significant role. You need to look at the size of the space, the amount of pre-existing natural light. These will help determine the statement light that suits your interior design. Additionally, you can plan the rest of the lighting based on this.

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For spaces with ample natural light, a large chandelier or pendant light will do the job. On the other hand, for a darker space, layering is essential. You may need to install floor lamps, wall sconces and so on in addition to the statement light.

Apart from this, it is a rule that larger spaces need more lighting. A single grand chandelier on the ceiling supported by other table lamps, floor lights, track lights and so on will create a great effect. For smaller spaces, statement wall lights, an oversized lamp, distinct table lamp or a cluster of modern pendant lights in Melbourne is appropriate. It is also suggested to use more overhead lights for smaller spaces as these will make the room look larger while also being unique by themselves.

  • Choose Timelessness over Uncertainty 

Sometimes, it may get difficult to select a statement piece despite the tips and guides available. At times like these, it is best to go for what’s universally attractive. Classic design never dies and still starts a conversation.

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When looking for a timeless statement, you can select Victorian chandeliers or sculpted lamps. These will look great in any setting. In a period setting, they will complement the interiors while in a contemporary setting, they will contrast in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It is always better to choose these instead of being uncertain.

Are you looking for statement lights in Australia? By Living can assist. We provide an array of wall lamps, floor lights, table lamps, globes and designer pendant lights online. You can explore our collection and buy an accent piece as per your personal preference.

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