Pendant lights are light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. These are usually hung from either a metal chain, cord or rod. The best thing about these fixtures is that they are just as versatile and useful as they are attractive. 

Pendant lights can be used in all spaces of your home. Be it task lighting in kitchens, ambient lighting in living rooms or dining areas, accent lighting in hallways or decorative lighting in your living room, pendant lights can be used everywhere to enhance the overall appearance of your home interiors. However, to decide on the application of these hanging pendants, it is crucial to understand their various types. 

Pendant lights are available in a plethora of varieties. Some of the common ones are:

1. Linear Pendants:

These pendants consist of a long rectangular structure with multiple bulbs. The bulbs are either surrounded by a material, or they are exposed. Linear pendants usually look good over longer areas such as kitchen islands, pool tables or longer work desks where task lighting is a significant need. One of the best examples is By Living’s Ashwood 3 White Pendant Light having three exposed bulbs attached to a cylindrical wooden panel. 

2. Dome Pendants:

As the name suggests, this pendant light is generally a downward-facing dome. This is a commonly seen pendant light that is highly adaptable owing to its practical design. It is used for task and accent lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, work desks in commercial offices or kitchen as a primary or secondary light source, depending on size. If you are looking around for dome pendants, Dome Geometric Concrete Pendant Light by By Living is the ultimate statement piece. It was named a finalist by the 2018 Gift & Life Instyle Awards (GALA) in the Home Furniture & Interiors category. On the other hand, the Dome Cork Pendant Light, brings a sense of earthiness to your interiors, owing to its simplicity and eco-friendly materials used in its making. 

3. Conical and Cylindrical Pendants:

Cylindrical and conical pendants are smaller and emit a limited amount of light. While these cannot be used as a primary lighting source, they are perfect for task lighting over counters, bar areas or bedroom nightstands. Some of the most attractive options that you can go for are By Living’s Cone Concrete Pendant Lights and Cylindrical Concrete Pendant Lights

4. Mini Pendants:

Mini pendant lights are minimalistic and smaller versions of larger pendant fixtures. These are called mini due to the size of the pendant, the size of its bulb or the drop length. These lights are beneficial for task lighting beside bathroom mirrors or bedside tables. Although, they can also be spaced out at equal lengths to provide ambient ceiling lighting. By Living provides Set of Two Timber concrete Contrast Pendant Light and Timber Diamond Raw Concrete Pendant Light which are the most superior specimens of mini pendant lights. Our Rope Pendant Light Tassel is another unique example that has a rope which can be knotted in multiple ways. 

5. Chandelier:

While chandeliers are not referred to as pendant lights, these fixtures are inherently ornamental pendants. The size, as well as the majestic look, make these an exemplary centrepiece in a room. Chandeliers are majorly used for decorative and ambient lighting and can even be used as a primary source of light. The main places where these are used are at high ceiling hallways, entrances and living rooms as these are places where more people would notice these. By Living’s Timber Twig Chandelier is an artistic masterpiece for anyone who is looking for chandeliers to light up their space while our 5 Spider Concrete Light Chandelier is a great addition to add charm as well as eccentricity to any living space.

6. Abstract Pendants:

Abstract pendants are not just lighting fixtures; they are art pieces designed carefully by innovative designers. These add a contemporary look to your home decor and are used for decorative lighting just like chandeliers. These installations are mainly used as stand-alone pieces to illuminate hallways and foyers. They can also be hung from the ceilings in large rooms, at spaces where they attract attention. By Living has an array of cage lights that showcase a unique play between light and shadows. One of the most out of the box specimens is the Chandelier Diamond Cage Pendant Light.

7. Exposed Bulb Pendants:

If you are someone who prefers an industrial, rustic and minimalist look for your house interiors, exposed bulb pendants are made for you. These essentially consist of large or small bulbs on a string. Suitable for both ambient and task lighting, these bulbs are not just trendy but also light on the pockets. Apply a single piece or hang these up in clusters and spruce up the look of your space. Metal Tube Bronze Pendant Light by By Living is one of the most distinctive pieces that can be hung over a space for task lighting or can be combined to create an ultra-modern statement.

The above list should make it easy to decide upon a pendant light after considering the purpose of the fixture, the place where it is to be hanged, the overall aesthetic of the interior and more. 

Whether you are looking for pendant lights, wall lamps, table lamps, globes, floor lamps, lighting accessories or plug-ins, By Living is your one-stop destination for the most elegant lighting solutions in Australia. 

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