Want to Buy Wall Lamps - Here’s a Comprehensive Guide

You might have heard often that lighting is an important part of home decor. However, it is often overlooked – people usually get it wrong. Every interior designer will tell you how the right choice of lights can enhance your home’s overall look and feel, making it more inviting.

How to Choose the Right Wall Lamps for Your Home?

Right Wall Lamps for Your Home - Wall Light Byliving

Wall lights have been gaining popularity in recent years in interior design circuits, and these lamps create an appealing atmosphere. Moreover, the higher-level illumination creates a cosy and homely space that is not versatile but also pleasant at any time of the day.  

When thoughtfully installed, the wall lamps brighten the dark corners or accentuate the walkways within your home. Apart from this, wall lights are highly practical as they save space and produces a welcoming ambience that can set the mood of a room. 

Here’s A Quick Guide For Wall Lamps: 

Which is the Right Place to Install these Lamps? 

Wall lights are an extremely valuable addition to any space – you can install them anywhere in hallways or landings to create a beautiful space and provide the right amount of illumination. Also, you can combine wall lights with either ceiling, pendants or table lamps to create a lightscape and set the tone for your room. 

Pro Tips

  • You should avoid installing the lamps at eye level or at a height where you don’t bump into them. 
  • Wall lights are primarily used in the hallways. However, a long corridor might start looking like a runway if too many lights are installed too close. It’s advisable to install one fixture every 8 to 10 feet. 

Different Wall Lights You Can Find in the Market

Choosing a perfect wall light is a complicated job, as the market is full of a variety of options. Here’s just a glimpse of different types of light available:

  • Flush Lights – These lights sit right against a wall without protruding and are ideal for small and tight spaces such as apartment hallways. 
  • Lantern Style Lights – These are designed to resemble the old-style lantern lights and are ideal to bring stylish touch to your space. 
  • Adjustable Arm – These wall lights come with an adjustable arm and thus are excellent for bedrooms, offices and study rooms.

Contact us now if you have any questions about wall lamps or want to buy top-notch light fixtures for new projects. 

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