Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the biggest changes to your home decor aren’t disruptive. At certain occasions, they are extremely undemanding! This is the case when it comes to lighting; you can bring a drastic transformation to the interiors by just adding the right kind of pendant lights at the right place. It can give your home a new feel and look without making many efforts.

If switching the interior lighting arrangement is on your agenda in 2020, this blog gives you a round-up of the latest trends that will give your home a contemporary edge!

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1. Watch Out for These Kitchen Lighting Trends

When it comes to kitchen lighting, it’s feasible to keep it simple, minimalistic and practical. A soft lamplight might not prove effective in a kitchen, especially when you have to carefully measure ingredients. There are plenty of lighting options that can add a unique character to your kitchen, without compromising on the practicality.

  • Matte Black Pendant Lights

Black is going to be the new favourite neutral in 2020. Matte black pendant lights are slowly making room for themselves in the contemporary colour palettes due to the chic and edgy style.

  • Clear Pendants Light

Sporting an irresistibly charming amalgamation of the rustic and industrial designs, clear pendants are becoming increasingly popular among many interior designers. It not only adds elements of fun when hung at varying heights but the minimalist silhouettes, along with exposed Edison bulbs gives the kitchen a sophisticated look.

2. Look Out for These Dining Room Lighting Trends in 2020

A focal point of every family conversation, dinner parties, and more, the dining space should sport creative and show-stopping light extensions. Here are some lighting ideas to decorate your dining space:

  • Wicker Pendants

Wicker is going to be all over the place in 2020 and lighting is no special case here. The wicker pendants are outstandingly versatile and work with any home decor whether it’s traditional or boho.

  • Industrial Style Pendant Lights

Industrial lighting was a rage last year and is here to stay at least for 2020. You can look for pieces contemporary and delicate pieces to give your dining space a modern look.

3. Takeaway

In 2020, you will come across plenty of ways to dress up your home using lighting. Whether you love mid-century modern aesthetic or prefer clean and modern designs, this year you will witness a plethora of styles that you can incorporate to keep you home on top of the current trends.

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