Revamping the interiors can be overwhelming. Numerous elements go into creating an alluring, elegant and pleasant interior. One such important, yet overlooked factor  is: lighting

Lighting Can Make or Break the Interiors

While refurbishing the interiors, many people miss out on upgrading the lighting. What most people don’t know is that lighting trends are like fashion trends – They are cyclic and tend to change every year.

If you are planning to refurbish the interiors in 2019, it’s important to upgrade the lighting fixtures. Here are the top 3 lighting trends that will become popular in 2019:

1. Subtle and Gorgeous Geometric Lighting

Geometric patterns have always been alluring to the human eyes, and perhaps that’s the reason what geometric light fixture is becoming popular. These minimalistic light fixtures feature dramatic angles and symmetrical patterns that allow the light to bounce throughout the room, adding an elegant appeal to the interiors.2019-01-21
However, before you pick up a light fixture, here’s something you need to take care – Consider your space! See what kind of patterns will complement other elements of your room? If your room is small; don’t pick a large fixture or else it will overwhelm other elements in the room.

2. Minimalistic Industrial Lighting

The minimalistic and alluring charm of industrial lighting has been popular for some time now. However, this trend was seen picking up a pace in 2018, and it is not going to fade away anytime soon. industrial-metal-shade-pendant-light
The industrial lighting features minimalistic patterns, style and shapes reminiscent of the simpler days. Moreover, industrial lighting can be reused or recycled by replacing authentic industrial fixtures with new and efficient technology.

3. Let there be (LEDs) Lights!

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular over the years-  thanks to the advanced technology that allows smaller and brighter lights in a variety of colour temperatures. And in 2019 LEDs will be a hot lighting trend that you need to look out for! LEDs have replaced the traditional

It is widely used for every kind of light fixtures – be it for the chic accent lighting, floor lamps or even chandeliers. These lights not only last longer but also save energy that helps you cut down on the electricity bills.

Planning to revamp your interior lighting? Check out our exclusive and innovative collection of lighting fixtures. We are a lighting wholesaler based in Australia.


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