Pendant lights are synonymous with elegance and modernity. These are one of the most popular types of lighting when it comes to home decor. One of the main reasons behind this acclaim is their ability to add character and flair to any space.

Additionally, pendant lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, designs and styles. This gives one more options to choose from and makes them a versatile form of lighting, no matter the type of area. These are thus perfect for task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting and illumination.

Some of the ways in which pendant lights can be used to brighten up your living space are listed below.

1. Illuminate Dining Area

A dining area is that space in your home where the entire family eats together and has deep conversations. It is also the place where your guests are mostly present during house parties. Hence, it is that part of the house which sees the most people. The right kind of lighting is thus a necessity here.

Pendant lights can do justice to this spot. The right kind of pendant light can be selected based on the size of the space, the dining table, the interiors of the dining space and more.

If your dining table is round, selecting a single statement pendant or a cluster of pendants can do wonders. However, in the case of rectangular tables, a linear suspension pendant, a row of small pendant lights or two light fixtures hanging at either ends can illuminate the space appropriately and can create a lively ambience.

Pendant lights that can be dimmed also help to change the ambience of the room depending on the setting.

2. Task and Accent Lighting in Kitchen

A kitchen is an important place where delicious food is made. It is one of the most loved places in the house. However, it is also a highly utilitarian space where a lot of work is done. This is the main reason why proper task lighting and accent lighting is needed here.


Pendant lighting hung above kitchen islands are extremely helpful. These highlight the place where recipe books are read and food is made. Thus, these assist in task lighting as well as accent lighting where the focus of illumination becomes quite clear.

Three pendants, with balanced spacing that look visually appealing can be hung above the kitchen island. If your island is smaller, two large pendant lights may do the job.

3. Ambient Lighting in Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most relaxed rooms in your house. These leisure spaces need to be planned in a way that appeals to your psyche, soothes your mind and helps you to unwind. Ambient lighting is the most suitable way to light up your bedroom. It is also advisable to use lights that can be dimmed to create an ambience that induces sleep. Moreover, it is most apt to use warmer and welcoming shades in bedrooms.

Pendant lights can be hung on either side of the bedpost. This eliminates the need for a table lamp, leading to more space to keep essentials on the side table. Furthermore, it is imperative to select the right pendant in relation to the size of the bedroom. If the bedroom is large, a bigger pendant can be used to brighten up the room instead of small lights that will not even be visible enough. In the case of a smaller bedroom, slender shades are more preferred.

4. Lighting in Bathrooms

Pendant lighting can help convert your home bathroom into a luxurious hotel like powder room. Pendants hung up at both sides of the mirror creates a spa like effect. This makes your baths more sophisticated and regal. Although, it is important to ensure that these are hung up at minimum required heights and are kept safe from wet areas.

5. Lighting up Entrances and Hallways

Hallways are tricky spaces owing to their narrowness. Attractive pendant light helps convert these into lighted pathways that artistically open up into huge rooms.

Entrances, on the other hand, need to be made warm and inviting. These are important because they are the first impression for your home in the minds of visitors. Hanging pendant lights equidistantly at the right height such that they adorn your entrance without blocking the interior view can make them look heavenly.

These pointers go on to prove that pendant lights are an essential part of home decor and can be used to adorn all nooks and corners.

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