Lighting is a major part of any space, be it a home or an office. However, when it comes to office interior planning, it is also, often, an underestimated element.

At an office, effective and well thought out lighting creates a conducive working environment. It has several effects on the employee’s and client’s psyche. Apart from this, it also has implications on the overall safety and efficiency of your workplace just like other aspects like furniture, desks and so on. Proper lighting can also make or break your savings. Therefore, installing the right lighting fixtures in your office can do wonders.

Given below are a few pointers that help you evaluate why good lighting is an important feature of a prolific working space.

  • Effect on Health and Productivity

It is believed that a well lit up office space leads to better employee productivity and health. Dimmer lights can cause stress, fatigue and headaches as it can be strenuous to the eyes of your staff. A bright office space on the other hand leads to higher concentration levels, lesser sick leaves and in turn a higher employee output.

In order to make your office space brighter, you can choose a good mix of natural and artificial lighting. Natural lighting has several health implications, such as a higher concentration of vitamin D, and also makes your office space look luminescent without too much of hassle. It can be utilised in your office space through windows and skylight. Your furniture can also be arranged in a manner where it can catch some natural daylight. In addition, metal and glass fixtures can be used in a manner where most light gets reflected throughout the space. One effective method is to use glass walls for cabins to further the effect of natural light.

Nonetheless, natural light by itself cannot suffice as it varies as per seasons. Therefore, it needs to be blended with other artificial light fixtures, some of which can be switched on along with the natural light and others that are good to go on their own. The ones that can be switched on along with natural light should not be too overpowering as this would lead to glare in your office space, making it difficult for anyone to work without squinting their eyes.

  • Aesthetics and Corporate Image

Proper illumination in your office space makes it look bigger, brighter and cleaner. It creates an elegant look, making your workplace interiors stand out. These play a great role in forming a client’s opinion about your business, thereby improving your firm’s reputation. Additionally, if you use LEDs in your office, it endows a goodwill to your company, helping you to seem more responsible and sustainable in your approach.

If you wish to create sophisticated looking interiors, use large pendant lights as centrepieces in your common areas. You can also opt for designer ceiling light, wall lights and lamps for your employee desks and cabins. Meanwhile, in order to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the environment, replace your normal bulb with LEDs. Another suggestion to augment the look of your workspace would be to choose lighter walls since these reflect light better than darker colours and make your office look more spacious.

  • Safety at the Workplace

One of the most important functions of lighting is to increase safety in your workplace. Dim lighting can lead to several office injuries. Task lighting is imperative to prevent these. Besides, bright lighting also deters crime by giving an illusion that someone is there at your office even when it is empty. In both of these ways, lighting is a significant safety measure for your workplace.

In order to prevent injuries at the workplace, you can concentrate on task lighting. This involves small pendants, ceiling lights or lamps on each desk. You can also choose path lights for better luminance whence one walks. This will help prevent falls. If you wish to keep your lights switched on for the entire day, it is recommended to choose bulbs that consume less energy.

  • Cost Reduction and Energy Savings

Choosing the right lighting options for your office can help to cut down expenses. For this very reason, it is essential to keep updating your workplace lighting and save money wherever you can.

For reducing your electricity bill, natural light is the perfect alternative. Enough natural lighting will prevent the use of artificial lights during daytime. This can help greatly in cost saving. On the other hand, if you wish to save energy as well as money, choosing LED bulbs can be of great assistance in achieving both goals with ease. You can also research and buy lighting fixtures from a store or online shop that sells for wholesale prices.

Keeping all the above tips in mind can help you create an incomparable office experience.

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