Retail stores have a layout where products are displayed for the customers to look at and buy. However, several things could affect a person’s purchasing decisions. One such vital aspect is retail lighting.

Balanced lighting design invites customers to your store, helps highlight products in a better manner and also takes people’s shopping experience to the next level. Therefore, in order to ensure that your sales are at par with your expectations, sufficient thought needs to be given to store lighting in Australia.

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While there are a number of ways in which you can make your retail lighting stand out, given below are a few tips that are imperative.

  • Give Your Store An Unique Ambience

While many people may take it rather lightly, creating a unique ambience matters. This is especially true when you wish to attract customers and keep them coming back. Great ambience also leads to clients exploring your store for longer durations, thereby increasing the probability of making a sale. A few factors to consider when planning store ambience is the light colour’s temperature as well as the contrast.

The colour temperature is essentially the tone, hue and intensity of the lighting sources that you choose. A yellowish tone is associated with a warm colour temperature. On the other hand, whiter tones are on the cooler side of the scale. While warm lighting is associated with coziness and a laid back approach, cooler lighting inspires activity. The temperature you choose for your stores is vital because it creates an impression of your brand. If you choose warm lighting, it may make your customer feel comfortable and invoke in them a feeling of nostalgia. Nonetheless, if you have a smaller store, cool lighting may make it look more spacious and may also encourage shoppers to take quick action.

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Although, one important thing to remember is to keep the colour tone consistent. A mixture may create shabby looking and confusing ambience. Besides, you want your customers to form an idea about your brand from the moment they enter the retail space.

While maintaining consistent colour temperature is essential, so is maintaining a contrast. While lights over products can help highlight them, shadows around them can separate one product from the other. This appears more pleasing to the eye. Apart from improving the ambience, contrast can also be used to make best-selling or high ticket products pop out. It can thereby help sell these more easily by sending desirable signals to the customer’s brain.

The colour of your walls and ceilings also helps to amplify the lighting ambience you wish to create. Matte walls in lighter colours will make your lighting appear bright and breezy. Meanwhile, black can be used to create a more dramatic and familiar effect. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to stray away from shiny surfaces that reflect too much light as this can lead to a chaotic ambience.

The types of lighting fixtures you select also forms a huge part of your store ambience. If you want your store to give off a vintage vibe, chandeliers and dome lights can help. For a more modern look, designer pendant lighting, recessed and track lights will be desirable.

  • Balance Out the Lighting

While ambience is important, spacing out your lighting is equally beneficial. While overhead lighting is often considered to highlight products, only using this can make your retail store fall flat.

A better approach is to create dimensions by using lighting at different levels, in different directions and of different wavelengths. Work with more elements like pendant lights, recessed lighting, floor lamps, wall sconces and other such elements. Setting these at different angles may also help make your store look more welcoming.

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Apart from this, you can also play with natural lighting. But you need to ensure that you don’t heavily rely on it. While natural lighting enhances the warmth factor in your retail store, it is only useful during sunny days. You may need to supplement and balance this out with other artificial lighting sources, especially during colder and rainier months.

Another aspect of spacing out lighting is safety. While you want your store to look attractive, you need to strategically plan lighting in a way where areas such as staircases and glass partitions are not compromised. In this manner you can avoid injuries in the store while making it look pleasing.

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