2019 was the year of neutral colours and minimalistic elements. However, as per experts and interior designers, 2020 will be the year of changing priorities. Trends will likely circle around individualism, inclusion and eco-friendliness. While some trends will remain similar, others will vary contrastingly.

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pendant lights online

Home decor is largely transforming in order to cater to the tastes and preferences of millenials. Hence, be it interior designing trends, color trends or lighting trends, even in 2020, they will remain the central target audience around whom it all revolves.

Here are a few home decor trends of 2020.

#Top Five Interior Trends 2020

Relevant interior design is vital to any space. If you want your home to induce awe amongst your guests and make you feel proud of living within those walls, embracing the current trends is a must. Moreover, even in your existing home, it is important that your interiors keep evolving to keep up with the times. After all, no one wants to live in an old-fashioned space.

In order to help you keep up, we have listed below a few significant interior trends of 2020.

1. The Age of Maximalism

Minimalistic style that focuses on uncluttered contemporary spaces with neutral coloured walls as well as standard, drab furniture is now a thing of last year. 2020 is all about the exact opposite — Maximalism. Deviating from the philosophy of less is more, this style basically supports more is less and tells you to go big or go home.

Bold and bright colours and patterns, opulent furniture made using velvets, leather and such, patterned wallpapers, large and dramatic lighting fixtures and abstract paintings are some major elements of maximalism. Other than this, the style asks you to embrace layers by mixing old and new elements, for example a Greek sculpture with modern showpieces or antiques with modern art. Other than this, instead of getting rid of personal clutter such as collectibles and books, maximalism is all about presenting it in the most appealing manner. Although you still need to take care that you follow this in the right amount so as to prevent your interiors from looking tacky. An apt example is the grand millennial style of decor that mixes timeless antiques with modern aspects like lined furniture or pop culture posters.

2. Biophilic Haven

In a world where environmentalism is being promoted everyday, interior design is also becoming more and more eco-friendly. Biophilia is a concept that supports an environmentally friendly approach by mixing real plants with decor. Other than this, there are a lot of natural elements being added to your interior design such as wood, bamboo, cane and more. These include either furniture, accent pieces or installations made of such non-toxic material. Items such as DIY terrariums can be hung from bedroom ceilings and beautiful potted plants can be placed at corners in your living room.

3. Dramatic Patterns

Geometrical, flowery and abstract patterns are basically bohemian elements that signify individuality and acceptance. 2020 is that year in which pattern play is going to be an important trend. Patterned tapestry matched with same patterned furniture or mix and match patterns can make your home decor stand out. Apart from this, patterned ceiling and plain walls can create an exaggerated look like no other. You can also pair a patterned wallpaper with patterned flooring.

4. Embrace the True You

Personalisation is another rising trend. Everyone is now investing in something that has a deeper meaning to them and that reflects their personality. In line with this, interior decor is also embracing such individuality. In 2020, people will strive to create a space that showcases who they truly are. Additionally, trends have now shifted from industrial to well rounded furniture and neutral to brighter colours that create a more welcoming look, making everyone, friends, family or strangers, truly, feel at home. You can flaunt your personal pictures, fandom, collections and more as a part of your decor and make any room feel honestly like you.

5. Go Big on Sustainability

With global economies embracing sustainability, interior design cannot be left behind. Eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, linen, ratten, wood, bamboo, wicker and such are being used for furniture. Furthermore, natural stone flooring, terrazzo, faux marble tiles made using man made porcelain, glass and ceramic are trending for flooring options. For walls, natural clay plaster, wall panels made of eco-friendly materials and more are in vogue. In addition to this, terracotta and wood accent pieces are also a sustainable choice when compared to plastic, marble and more.

The above mentioned pointers can help you convert your home into a beautiful oasis in 2020. But, only relying on this is not nearly enough. You might also want to familiarise yourself in colour trends of 2020.

#Top Five Colour Trends 2020

When it comes to colours, 2019 was the year of neutrals. This has now changed drastically and more pop is being added to home decor. The same boring grays and whites are being replaced by more colour in 2020, thereby making it the year of vibrancy.

Staying updated with the latest color trends will make your interiors more worthy of residing in and will also help make an impression in front of your guests.

Some important colour trends of 2020 in home decor are as follows.

1. Classic Black and White Contrast

Black and white has always been a timeless combination. However, since 2020 is the year of larger than life decor, dramatic checkered floors, patterned wallpapers or rugs paired along with black doors and chandeliers will give out the best maximalist vibe. Apart from this, the contrast can also be showcased via black furniture and white walls or vice versa. The best part about this polar opposite combination is that even if it gives your interiors a theatrical edge, it does not compromise on the sophistication.

2. Natural Earth Tones

With natural materials such as wood, organic cotton, wicker and more being used for furniture, real plants being used as statement pieces and more such elements of nature being adopted in home decor, earthy tones have become an important colour trend in 2020. The neutrals of last year such as beige and gray are being substituted by warm and organic colours such as olive green, ochre, terracotta, chestnut, burgundy, sky blue and so on. These are highly saturated hues, unlike the cool and bland shades like gray, beige and white.

3. Feminine Shades

2020 is the year of the millennial pinks, peachy coral, lavender and such soft feminine shades. These might vary from saturated pastels such as amethyst, champagne, pumpkin red and so on to bright fuschia, lemon yellow, cyan, magenta and so forth. These add a vivacious energy to your interiors and convert them into welcoming spaces.

4. Bold Monochromes

Instead of the regular neutral mochromes, 2020 is the year of the bold. Throw subtlety out of the window and go for histrionic looks such as dark purple, lime green, ultramarine, bright red and more that depict your personality in the best way possible. You can break the monotony a bit with paintings and accent pieces. A possible solution is to use a bright wall paint and match it up with a patterned carpet of the same colour. You can also choose to use different shades of one colour.

5. Loud Colour Play

Instead of playing it down and keeping your interiors looking uncluttered, 2020 is about embracing this mess albeit in an Art Deco manner. Therefore, there is a bold colour play involved where punchy colours, crazy patterns and metallic hues are all matched up in order to create a more personal oasis.

All the above colour suggestions will help create the most drool worthy interiors that one will truly love residing among.

#Top Five Lighting Trends 2020

Now that we are familiarised with the latest colour trends and interior trends, the next important step in order to make your interiors look attractive is understanding the current lighting trends.

Some of the lighting styles that are all the rage in 2020 are explained below.

1. Jumping on the Organic Bandwagon

Just like all the other elements of interior design, lighting is also adopting more Eco conscious materials. This leads to a more biophilic ambience and helps get rid of environmentally degrading materials.

In 2020, lighting manufacturers are thereby producing more products made of organic materials like wood, cane, rattan, burlap and so on. Lamp shades made of jute or hemp are increasingly being preferred, so are wooden bead chandeliers and basket pendant lights made of cane. Yet another popular option is terrazzo pendant lights. All these aren’t just timeless to look at, but are also durable since they form no rust. Besides, they laden a rich feel to your interiors, unlike cheap plastics and common metals.

2. Art Deco and Mid-century Designs

Art Deco style consists of abstract, larger than life shaped chandeliers and lights. Some common elements are crystals, hand blown glass and so on. Besides, it is inspired by neoclassical, aztec, egyptian elements but is equally influenced by technology. On the other hand, mid-century designs usually focus on cleaner lines, geometric shapes and an inherent subtlety.

2020 will see a resurgence of these lighting styles. Therefore, geometric chandeliers that stand out in your interiors and provide scope for perfect accent lighting will be in trend. The point of focus is to find a midpoint between over-the-top art deco and minimalistic mid-century designs and find lighting that stands out in an ingenious manner.

3. Black and Gold Trend

Even though the black and gold lighting fixtures were still in trend last year, the fondness has not faded. This is because these find a perfect balance between warmth and sophistication.

Black is the new go-to neutral in 2020. Lamp shades and black painted metals look sophisticated and look capture attention. In addition, unlike the cold nature of black fixtures, gold ones are more warm and add a welcoming touch to your home. Using these colours individually in different rooms or in combination can help take your interiors to the next level by achieving the ultimate level of elegance.

4. Exposed Bulb and Glass Pendants

The popularity of the Edison bulb is evergreen. It has been in trend for quite some time now. This is the reason why exposed bulb pendants keep selling like hotcakes. They add a modern rustic element in your interiors.

Today, instead of using just an exposed bulb pendant, more and more homes are shifting to glass pendants that help create a contemporary atmosphere. Glass pendants made in different geometrical shapes or using lightly coloured glass will therefore be a go-to trend in 2020.

5. Load up on LEDs

LEDs help you save energy and assist in avoiding expensive power bills. Besides, these are versatile and can be hidden easily in order to create innovative lighting fixtures. Due to this sustainable appeal, LEDs will be used largely in 2020 as it is the era of efficient energy solutions. Furthermore, these do not leave behind a carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable, making them an environmental alternative. For all of these reasons and more, even popular Edison bulbs are now available in LED varieties.

Of all the above trends, a noteworthy thing is the appeal of pendant lights. These hanging fixtures are in trend for some time now and the charm isn’t going to fade anytime soon. Consequently, it is important to load up on these when striving to convert your modest home into an ultra-modern sanctuary.

#Buying the Right Pendant Lights

Before going ahead and buying pendant lights, it is important to take certain criteria into consideration. Here is a detailed analysis of things you should consider in order to buy the right pendant lights for your home in 2020.

1. Consider the Various Types of Pendants

Before you set out on a journey to buy pendant lights, it is necessary to get familiarised with the variety available in the market. This will help you pre-select the pendant lights of your choice even before starting out. Reading about these in detail will help your form an opinion on which design will best fulfil your requirements. You can choose a timeless crystal chandelier and exposed bulb pendant or opt for more statement varieties such as abstract pendant lights.

2. Work out the Style of Your Interiors

The pendant light you select will depend greatly on the overall style of your interiors. For example, if you are looking to create an industrial feel, a caged pendant light or a clear glass variety is the perfect complement. On the other hand, in order to delve deep into biophilic style, popular in 2020, a terrazzo pendant, wooden or concrete varieties are preferable. For a minimalistic look, opt for colourful pieces, an oversized statement light or opulent chandeliers.

3. Take the Placement into Account

pendant lights online

There are three functions that a lighting fixture performs — task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting. Before selecting a pendant light, it is advisable to decide the placement of these fixtures and the purpose. If your main aim is task lighting in the kitchen, choosing linear pendants and placing them over the kitchen island is wise. Similarly, for mood lighting in the bedroom, a pendant light that exudes a subtle glow is suitable. If you want to highlight certain elements of your living room, such as a statement showpiece, a downward facing, uni-directional dome is apt. The size of the pendant lights and the quantum will also depend largely on where it is placed. For example, in the living room, a single centrepiece can be chosen and in the kitchen, multiple basic and elegant models are preferable.

4. Choose Materials Wisely

The material of the pendant shade will determine the amount of glow that your hanging light emits. If you want a brighter glow, choosing a glass pendant light can help. On the other hand, if you wish to create an ambient setting and soft glow, a fabric shade over a light globe will suffice. To create a luminescent glow that sets the mood and also exudes enough light, a reflective metal frame is a great selection. It is also important to consider materials in order to determine durability. For example, a metal light has more strength than its plastic counterpart, however, plastic is more durable since it does not rust. Meanwhile, a glass pendant light is breakable and should be avoided in a home with children.

5. Stay Within Your Budget

Large pendant lights

The most important part of buying a pendant light is choosing the best option within your budget. This will require some extensive research. Although, now there are a number of online lighting wholesalers than can help you buy the most extraordinary range of pendant lights at reasonable prices. The cost will also depend on other factors like the type of material used, type of light bulb used and more.

All the above considerations and criteria give you an exact idea of how to create the most extraordinary living spaces in the year of 2020 by using the best pendant lighting, colours, interior trends and such. Reading this and following the pointers will certainly help your home decor to stay hand in hand with the current trends.

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