Good lighting plays an imperative part in your interiors. In fact, it can make or break your space. Therefore, before you go on installing whatever lighting fixtures you like, it is important to stop and think. The best way to assure flawless lighting is to plan out your interiors beforehand.

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However, no matter how much you plan, there are certain lighting mistakes that even the most experienced decorators make. In order to keep yourself from making these common errors, it’s important to know about these. Below are a few things you should avoid when lighting up your establishment. 

  • Lack of Versatility

A lot of times, you may end up installing lights for one particular purpose while ignoring all the other purposes it is used for. For example, some rooms may include only task lighting such as floor lights, overhead pendants and such while ignoring accent and ambient lighting. This disequilibrium can make your space look monotonous and drab despite your furniture, painting and other decorations being extraordinary. Striking a balance between the three is essential.

  • No Dimmers

Dimmers are often used in areas to set the mood by lowering and increasing the brightness of a single fixture. These are extremely beneficial because they allow you to customise the feel of the particular room. Additionally, dimmers help decrease stress on the bulb due to constant  brightness  and thereby help in saving energy. These fixtures help greatly eliminating the need for installing too many lights with different temperatures, thereby making your area look neater and helping save money on installation. 

  • Shadowy Vanity Lighting

When it comes to washrooms, the main place that needs to be lit up well is the vanity area. A lot of times, overhead pendants are installed above vanity mirrors in bathrooms. This can cast a shadow on your face, especially under your eyes, preventing you from doing make up efficiently. It is therefore advisable to have small lights on the side walls or lamps surrounding the mirror installed at eye-level so that your face is visible clearly. This will help you carry out your vanity requirements without hassle.

  • Ignoring Task Lighting

Most people focus on decorative lighting when it comes to interior designing. This results in them ignoring task lighting. In certain areas, such as the kitchen, having task lighting over tabletops and kitchen islands is a must for convenience. This also instills a degree of safety in the area and promotes accidents due to low lighting. Even in study and office areas, it is always necessary to have table lamps and ceiling pendants installed over the work area. This will assist you in minimising stress on your eyes. 

  • Overlighting or Underlighting Your Space

While lighting enhances the beauty of your establishment, going crazy with it can backfire. Installing too many lights in a single space can lead to you being blinded by the lights. It can make your home look like a retail space. On the other hand, underlighting is also a big flaw. If you instal a single chandelier in a high ceiling space, it can lead to other areas being extremely dark. The elements worth highlighting in your room will also not be visible. It is therefore important to maintain an equilibrium. The rule of thirds can be applied in your interiors to avoid this. This means that the three things that need to be lit up are your ceilings, paintings and furniture. Fixtures should be installed accordingly without going overboard or underboard.


  • Disproportionate Fixtures

Oversized fixtures in a tiny room and undersized fixtures in a large room can look disproportionate. While oversized fixtures can claim all the attention, undersized ones can make your space look dull. Hence, analysing the size of your area and choosing fixtures after thorough planning is essential.

Taking care of all the above and following the tips to rectify these lighting mistakes will assist you in maximising the look and feel of your establishment. 

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